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40 Year Class Reunion Photo

Name: Alan Anderson
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Aurora Nebraska
Comments: Still married to my first wife, Dottie, whom I met at the University of Nebraska. Married in 1968 and ended up at Fort Benning, Georgia with the Army until 1972. We moved back to Lexington until November of 1972 and started as an implement salesman in Garden City, Kansas until 1974 when we again moved back to Lexington. In 2000 we moved to Aurora, NE where I am the Manager of Grosshans International selling Case-IH equipment. Dottie is contracted to the Tri-City Drug Task Force in Grand Island and the Nebraska Crime Commission. We have three daughters, Tonya living in Kearney and Becky and Kendra of Phoenix, Arizona. We currently have two grand children, one on the way and three step-grand children. Besides work, we are active in gardening, the Aurora Chamber, the Aurora United Methodist Church and motorcycle riding. Dottie prefers the convertible. We visit Lexington about once a month and enjoy seeing all our friends. We enjoy Aurora but there's no place like home. Congratulations alumni, we made it another year.
posted on June 16, 2005

Name: Vickie Anderson
Class Of: 1965
Now living in: Fremont, Nebr
Comments: Married a great guy from Arlington, NE in 1968--have three great kids and almost seven grandkids--one just born 5/23/05 so grandma has been in Lincoln for almost a week babysitting and loving it. Also a son in Papillion. They are expecting another one in July. Youngest daughter and family in Virginia Beach, VA. My husband passed away unexpectedly in 1999 so have found myself on my own. Have worked at Dodge County Treasure's Office for 15 years, so counting the days to retirement so I can spend more time with my kids and grandkids. Wish I could make it to the reunion but prior commitments. Have a great time.
posted on May 26, 2005

Name: Geraldine (Araujo) Bynum
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: I have been married to Patrick Bynum for 34 years. We met in Denver, Colorado 1972. We have one son, Jason, who is a Medical Doctor at the Univ of Michigan Med Ctr. He is 32. I am a realtor in Omaha, NE and my husband owns his own import business of home decor. We have lived in Omaha, NE for over 20 years. I love to shop and do home decorating. I also enjoy my real estate career which I have been doing for 20 years here in Omaha. I would enjoy hearing from any of my classmates.
posted on September 10, 2007

Name: Judy (Batie) Zauha
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: I married John Zauha in 1968. John has farmed outside of Lexington all our married life. We have two sons and a daughter, and eight grandchildren. I was fortunate enough to be home while the children were here. I have published two cookbooks: "Mom Z's Recipes" and "Mom Z's Recipes #2", "Mom Z's Recipes #3" will be published in time for Christmas 2006.
posted on August 25, 2006

Name: Gary L. Bieck
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: After graduating from high school and the University of Nebraska, I spent four years in Virginia in the Air Force. Married Linda (college sweetheart) in 1969 and have two children. My son lives in Boulder, CO and my married daughter lives in Lincoln. No grandchildren yet. I have been in Lincoln since 1973 and am a Senior Corporate Banker at TierOne Bank. Love playing golf and traveling with my wife to golf locations. See you all soon.
posted on May 16, 2005

Name: Paul C. Brown
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Spokane, Washington
Comments: Went to Bible College in Eugene, Oregon where I met my wife of 37 years. Pastored several churches in Open Bible Standard Inc. and for last 13 years as Staff Pastor of Open Bible in Spokane, Washington. We have four children and two grandchildren. We love ministry, golf, bowling, and traveling overseas for church building in 3rd world countries. We enjoy watching our kids accomplish great things for God.
posted on June 6, 2005

Name: Dennis Burnett
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Springfield, Virginia
Comments: Always glad to hear from classmates.  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2006/2007.
posted on December 12, 2006

Name: Kristi (Burr) Nelsen
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Chadron, NE
Comments: Greetings! I'm still working as a RN, now in Community Health. I married Merrell Nelsen in 1999. Together we have 5 children & 2 grandchildren. We purchased a cabin in the Black Hills in SD & spend a lot of time there & seeing our children. I love the outdoors & try to spend most down time outside. I'm living in the present moment & enjoying life!
posted on May 8, 2005

Name: David D. Conner
Class Of: 1965
Now living in: Parker, Colorado
Comments: Still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up! Married Virginia Chubbuck in May of 1967 and haven't stopped loving her and laughing together at all the dumb stuff life brings our way. We have two sons, four grandchildren and two dogs. Looking forward to the AARP convention in Lexington.
     Our goals are to keep the faith, run a strong race and finish well...and lose a few pounds. Our motto is: NEVER GIVE UP!!
posted on June 7, 2005

Name: Faith Diefenbach Derickson
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Salem, Oregon
Comments: Stan and I have been married for 41 years! Sure went by fast! We have three happily married children, three great in-laws, and nine grandkids--6 girls and 3 boys ages 2-18. The oldest is headed off to college even though we are not old enough to have a grandchild that age! The kids are scattered far and wide--Seattle where Laurie and husband have their own business, Denver where Stan II is a Tax Examiner for the state, and Hawaii where Tim is in the ministry full time.
     Stan is retired and keeps busy with his web site
(visit www.thedericksons.com if interested) and helps me a lot. After nearly 20 years in retail I mustered up the courage to try something new and now am an administrative specialist for the the Oregon Dept. of Revenue working in filing enforcement. Also embarked upon the adventure of going back to school last summer and by the end of this year I will have enough hours of business and accounting to qualify to apply for tax auditor! School has taught me one thing--I don't learn as easily as I used to! Life is good--just taking one day at a time and enjoying it. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who wants to get in touch!
posted on May 28, 2005

Name: Sally German Allamby
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lincoln,Ne.
Comments: I am still working as a nurse. I am an RN--case manager at Madonna Rehab Hospital. I have been here 9 years and love my job. I have worked in almost every field of nursing in the last 35 years. I was married for 23 years and have been single for 11. My daughter, Jenny works for the Law school at Drake Univ. She has a marketing degree from UNL and works for the alumni foundation. She and her husband have two boys -ages 4 and 6. My son graduated from Aviation school in Colo. and works for American Airlines. He and his wife live in Tulsa, OK and have two girls ages 3 and 4 months. I keep very busy visiting my children and grandchildren. I play bunko with a group of friends and swim 4-5 nights a week. I hated missing the reunion but had another commitment that I could not get out of. Dick Young goes to my church and he scanned his picture for me. I am in the process of selling my home I have been in for over 5 years and have purchased a condo. I want to be free to travel. It was fun today to look at the site and read some of the entries.
posted on August 23, 2005

Name: Glenn Hardesty
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lexington,  Ne.
Comments: Hi everybody, Still living in Lex and don't plan on leaving anytime soon! Married to a wonderful woman Jan for the last 22 years. We have 3 sons-Bryce in McKinney, Tx. Dereik and Jessie in Columbus, Ne. and David in Lincoln, Ne. Also have 3 grand kids Tosha in Crete, Ne. (sophmore at Doane College) Luke in Council Bluffs, IA (just grad. from Abe Linc. HS) and last but least Casi Lynn in West Point, Ut. Jr in HS.
     Jan is self-employed as a Nail Tech and she also has a tanning bed in the Plum Creek Mall (old Dawson County Motor bldg.) she has been doing this for six years and has 56 clients that she goes through every two weeks. Me, I am still trucking on down the road!! Have been do this now for 19 yrs. with 16 of those yrs. with Crete Carrier out of Lincoln, Ne. Hobbies: NASCAR Junkie, motorcycling, yard work.
posted on May 24, 2005

Name: Jimmie Hemphill
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: I'm married and have one daughter, three grandkids and in the month of June we are going to have our first great granddaughter. The grandkids are one grandson, two granddaughters, whose names are Alex (who is going to be a father) the girls' names are Natasha, Breann. My wife's name is Wanda and our daughter's name is Lisa. My daughter and I both work at Super Wal Mart. I have been married for 20 years.
posted on May 20, 2005

Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Sumner, Ne. 68878
Comments: I was divorced in 1991. My 3 daughters are all grown, and live in Lincoln, doing different things. I retired from teaching and coaching two years ago, then got back in it last year. I am on my second trip around, and loving it. I teach 7-12 Science, 6 preps, and coach boys basketball and help with track. I still ref volleyball (32 years). I have a miniature Schnauzer named Princess, and she is my buddy. I still paint houses in the summers, besides basketball camps. I have a large garden, enjoy athletic events, traveling, cooking out, and trying to have fun. I am still looking for Ms. Right, but unfortunately so is she!  Ha. Sorry I missed the reunion. I had to preach that Sunday to fill a pulpit, and had to prepare, as well as not hang out in a bar. Hope to hear from classmates. Maybe we can have '1965' alumni events throughout the year??????
posted on August 22, 2005

Name: Kathlene (Kay Johnson) Olson
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Fresno, California
Comments: Here I am in Sunny Fresno, California. I have three children, Patti who lives here in Fresno, Bradley, who lives in San Diego California and Kim who lives in Houston, Texas. I'm a Social Work Supervisor with the County of Fresno. Been here almost 17 years. In 1992 I married my favorite Travel Agent, Bob Olson. He had two children, so now together we have nine grandchildren! Five live here in Fresno, two live in Arizona and two live in Texas. I like spending my free time with the Grandchildren, with four little boys, there's always a ball game somewhere! Any spare time left I enjoy doing craft projects, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, beadwork and sewing. Of course I'm always ready to go when anyone mentions a new cruise ship to check out or tour somewhere! I've been privileged to see some beautiful places. See ya'll next week.
posted on June 7, 2005

Name: Paul Matson
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Johnson Lake (Lexington)
Comments: Paul is a Financial Planner in Lexington. Paul & Lynn were married in 1971 and Lynn is an RN at Southview Manor in Cozad. Daughter Melissa (class of 1993) will finish a post doctoral residency at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore in August 2005 and lives in Baltimore. Aaron (class of 1995)is equipment manager of quality control at Natureworks LLC (part of Cargill). They are extracting lactic acid from corn and making a biodegradable plastic. He lives in Omaha and commutes to the plant at Blair.
posted on April 25, 2005.

Name: James Allen McCarty
E-Mail: jim.mccarty @ llresearch.org
Class of:
Now Living In: Anchorage, Kentucky
Comments: I was graduated from Kearney State College in 1970. I then joined Teacher Corps for two years of work with inner city kids in Jacksonville, FL and earned  Master's Degree in Education in the process. After that I sought alternative educational experience and attended the Adventure Trails Survival School, Black Hawk, CO. I bought 132 acres of wilderness land in Kentucky in 1972 and started my own survival school. I built my log cabin, raised my own food, and used wood for heating and cooking and kerosene for light. After six years there I met and joined Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert who were investigating UFOs. Don died in 1984 and Carla and I married in 1987 and have carried on the investigation of extraterrestrial communications ever since. You can find our work at www.llresearch.org. Hope to see you all at our 50th.
posted on October 2010

Name: Susan McGee Lantz
E-Mail: susanlantz07 @ comcast.net
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Atlanta, GA area
Comments: I am a deaf/hh teacher for pre-k children in Athens area of Ga. Still waiting for Beryle to make the final move. Two daughters, Sara and Casie both live in the area as well as a new grandaughter Abigail Joi. Love the area, the people are wonderful that I work with. Our son Kenneth is a Marine Reserve, and living at home with Beryle in Omaha. Yes it has been a crazy year.
posted on May 3, 2005
Message sent June 26, 2012: Coming to Lex after mission trip in July around the 17th. Anybody going to be around? Love to help with next reunion.

Name: Kay McKee Landers
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Merriam, Kansas
Comments: I have been married to my wonderful husband, Gary, for 36 years, and we have lived in the Kansas City area for 32 of those years. I am a homemaker and community volunteer. We have three grown children (two girls, one boy) and three lovely granddaughters, ages, 7, 5, and 7 months. They all live in Colorado, and many people wonder why we don't live there also! We have a cabin in the mountains near Estes Park, and go there often. Gary retired in 2003, so we have done some traveling. Like many of you, we enjoy the out of doors and hike, ski, and camp.
posted on May 30, 2005

Name: Donna (Petersen) Holbein
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lexington, NE 68850
Comments: Married in 1966 to Dale Holbein. Have lived in Lexington forever. Our Children are Denise & Greg Behrends currently living in Keller, TX  Daryn & Nicole Holbein of Johnson Lake, and Dahlas & Amy Holbein of Lexington. We own and operate our own business at our home called Awards Plus. Our hobbies are spending time with our family & friends going to car racing in the summer and playing cards in the winter. We are looking forward to my 40th Class Reunion coming up this summer.
posted on April 25, 2005

Name: Bryan Rickertsen
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: It has been a long time--long enough to teach philosophy, work on anti-ballistic missile defense, show dogs, sell a telephone company and make video games. For 39 years I have been married to Marleen, the greatest (I think she is the greatest, must also be the craziest to stick with me for that long). Our daughters, Lyn and Beth, and their husbands, have given us five grandchildren, ages 3 to 13. As many of our class now know, grandchildren are really special. We now own a small software company. We do make video games as well as interactive software products, primarily for the medical publishing industry. I even get to help write some of the programs. Marleen is pursuing her love of fashion at Chicos part-time. We love to travel and play golf.
posted on June 10, 2005

Name: Glenn Ringenberg
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lincoln, Ne.
Comments: Married, Two Children, Three Grand Children, Hobby is Riding Motorcycles. Employed at the Nebraska Department of Corrections.
posted on August 1, 2005

Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: After Graduation I attended nursing school and worked at Lex hospital in surgery, I have worked in many areas of nursing from Dr. office to care home. I now work at Tri-County here in Lex as a staff nurse and Swing Bed Co-ordinator. According to the government I have to work to 66 years and 10 months so I have 9 years and 1 month to retirement. I married Rick Sellin in 1967 and we had 3 beautiful daughters. I married Ron Gray in 1990. Ron is a truck driver and occasionally I go with him. We have 6 grown children and 6 adorable grand kids who are so much fun. When we all get together there are 21 of us, it is noisy, crazy and great. We are hoping to go to Florida next year as for a family vacation. Ron and I love to go "jeeping" and spend time with the kids and grandkids. I'm sorry I won't make it to the reunion, I leave for Tulsa for national Bowling Tournament, you don't have to be good, just pay your entry fee. Hope to hear from some of you, enjoy the reunion.
posted on June 14, 2005

Name: Bob Skinner
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Buffalo, Wyoming
Comments: Retired after 30 years in the cattle business and moved to Buffalo, WY in 1997 to build airplanes and enjoy the Bighorn mountains. I now spend my time day hiking with my wife of 36 years (Peggy), backpacking, fly fishing, tying flies, shooting, traveling to visit our 2 married daughters who live in Omaha and Denver (no grand kids on the horizon) and Peggy's dad who still ranches south of Valentine.
     Peggy and I have a part time job of hiking to the headwaters of an irrigation canal in the mountains twice a week to check water and I've hired out a couple of times to help people who are building the same kind of all metal airplane I built in 1995.
posted on April 29, 2005

Name:  Eric G. Stubbs
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Sierra Vista  AZ.
Comments: Most, will remember me as Rick, and I am sure a few other handles. I retired from Military Service Jan 1993 and now work for the State of Arizona Department of Corrections. (Not A Guest). Married to a wonderful lady since 1969. We have two Sons one Daughter and three Grandchildren. My wife and I are Rock Hounds, and spend most of our free time exploring AZ and NM. And let it be known, Arizona welcomes SNOW BIRDS.
posted on May 22, 2005

Name: Connie (Stump) Kirkpatrick
Class of: 1965
Now Living in: Wayne, Nebraska
Comments: Hello from Wayne America, home of the Wayne Chicken Show. I married in 1965 and divorced in 2003. As an Army wife I lived at various bases stateside, Hawaii, Italy and Germany. I have lived in Wayne for 12 years, after Cozad and Valentine. I have one daughter, who teaches in South Dakota, and 3 granddaughters who are the light of my life and live only 2 hours away. I have worked in the banking field for 20 years, holding various positions. I enjoy the ever changing challenges of the industry and serving our customers at this family owned bank (fourth generation). I am very involved in square dancing and enjoy golf, needlework and camping with friends who have been the super glue of my life these past few years. I look forward to seeing you at the reunion. See ya!
posted June 14, 2005

Name: Janet (Vollmer) Bitner
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Bertrand, NE
Comments: I and my husband Ray have lived in Bertrand for the last 6 years. I was divorced from my first husband in 1991 and married Ray in 1993. One of my better moves in life. I have two children and 4 grandchildren. Son, Steve Kopf and wife Beth of rural Lexington, their sons Riley(4) and Levi(1). Daughter, Stephanie Landauer and husband Jim of Albion, NE and their daughters Amber(12) & Allison(9). I practiced as a hairdresser for over 30 years, worked at Walmart in Lexington for 1 1/2 years and now have my own business in Bertrand. I own and operate the Victorian Tea Room, it is a gift shoppe and tearoom in a 102 year old two story home. I also serve brunches, lunches and dinners by reservations only. I am going on my second year here and it is going very well so far. It has been a challenge and is very hard work but I am really loving the change of pace. It seems to get easier all the time, Ray has been very encourageing and a lot of support for this endeavor or I probably wouldn't have made it. Am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
posted on June 16, 2005

Name: Bob Wallace
E-Mail: bobixusa @ gmail.com
Class of: 1965
Now Living In: Kearney
Sue (the former Susan Smith, Class of '69) and I have now lived in Kearney for 11 years and love it here, Great town, with just about everything we need. Sue is a medical transcriptionist for Kearney Clinic, but also plays the organ and piano for churches here and in Lexington on a regular basis, plays in a bell choir and plays viola in the Kearney Symphony Orchestra. I am the chauffeur... I am working with FBS, Fasse Valves, here in Kearney, and have been for the past 3+ years. I work with Kurt Dannehl, another Lex Alum, and Mark Fasse of Cozad. We design and manufacture electric-over-hydraulic valves for all types of equipment from farm to industrial. I first worked for them over 20 years ago in Cozad and rejoined them recently. I am on the phone with our 7,000 dealers, answering questions, selling product & providing other support assistance. Our daughters continue to move and/or change their lives.
     Tracy (Class of '93), Colin, Olivia (5), Lily (3), and Luke (6 mos, & born on my birthday, New Year's Eve), are now located in San Diego, where Colin has joined a group of Doctors in a practice working for Kaiser/Permanente.  They just bought a beautiful home in Poway, CA and we were there when they moved in in March & also attended Luke's Baptism. Our younger daughter, Tami (Class of '99), was married to Eric Wong in late April in Sonoma, CA, in wine country. She is a Physical Therapist & he is a management consultant with BTS Corp. in San Francisco. Who knows where they will be in years to come? He's from Vancouver, B.C., but has family in Hong Kong, where they have already visited.
     I believe we have lost our girls to the Golden State, but it's a nice place to visit! Bob is still an avid photographer, still loves cars and music and good books and hopes to be doing more traveling (driving) in a couple of years after retirement. Looking forward to the next reunion, just three years away, and hope to se many of you there!!! Please, Don't Miss It!!!
updated on May 24, 2012

Name: Gary White
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lexington, Nebr.
Comments: Hello, I am on the family farm northeast of Lexington. Mary and I have been married for twenty years and have two daughters, Sarah and Kristin. Sarah will be a junior and Kristin will be a sophomore next year at Lexington. Both girls are involved in band and high school tennis. We run a small commercial feedyard and I really enjoy the cattle business. Mary and I also raise llamas, collect antiques and enjoy the out of doors.
posted on May 16, 2005

Name: Sharlene Willets Chadwick
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Woodland CA
Comments: 30 years in California! Doesn't seem possible. I work for California Children's Services (previously known as Crippled Children's). Divorced in 1991 and remarried in 2004 to my best friend, Tom. Daughter Lisa lives in Monterey CA and works for a company from Tenn. called AIM. Recoups overpayments by insurance co. to hospitals. Oldest son Jay lives in Mission Viejo CA and is the Athletic Director for the Parris School district. Youngest son PJ owns a pool and landscape business in Riverside CA. I think they are finally raised! Hooray! I have four grandchildren ages 17, 4, 2 & 1. It's wild when we all manage to get together. Just received the notification about the reunion today so not enough time to plan a trip. Hope you all have a wonderful time.
     E-mail if you would like at [email protected]
posted on May 16, 2005

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