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Name: Becky (Broshears) Strong
E-mail: bstrong23 @ hotmail.com
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Warsaw, VA
Comments: Loving the east coast! Jason and I have been married and living here almost 3 1/2 years now, no kids yet, but maybe someday. I'm the Accounts Payable Department at a nice sized company called Wood Preservers, here in our little town, and try my hand at some sales every now and again. This fall, I've started officiating high school volleyball, and also stay busy on the local YMCA board. Jason teaches 8th grade English and is the varsity boys basketball coach here. He's also a favorite at our local community theatre. We love to cook, go to wine festivals, exercise, and enjoy being with friends and family (when we can!). Would love to hear from everybody!
posted on September 24, 2006

Name: Krista Buchholz
E-mail: krista.e.buchholz @ jpmchase.com
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Lewisville, TX
Comments: Ok, about me. I live in a suburb of Dallas (yeah who knew I'd end up in Dallas). I work for JPMorgan Chase in their Internal Audit Group. I am a specialist! I was a professional nanny for 6 years, (professional as in I went to school for it.) Then decided to take a break and found a great opportunity in Chase. No kids, not married yet. I keep in touch with a lot of my friends from Lex so I am not sure if I am coming to the reunion next year of not. My decision changes from week to week.
posted on February 22, 2007

Name: Rachel (Byrd) Mayfield
E-Mail: rachbyrd @ yahoo.com
Class of: 1998
Now Living In: York, NE
Comments: I live in York with my husband of 7 years, Jim. We have a daughter, Lily, who will be 3 this year. Jim works in Lincoln for Assurity Life Insurance as a computer programmer and I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom.
posted on June 1, 2009

Name: Sadie Evans
E-mail: sadie_evans @ hotmail.com
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Kearney, Nebraska
posted on August 30, 2005

Name: CLayton "Jake" Fagot
E-Mail: jake_fagot @ yahoo.com
Class of: 1998
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: Having fun,  married to Kasi Tobler, no kids, working for family, basically just kickin it.
posted on June 18, 2008

Name: Tatum (Fagot) Oaks
E-mail: tatumfagot @ aol.com [note change in email]
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: I am still in Lexington. I have been married for 5 years to my husband Johnny. We have 4 beautiful children with whom I stay at home with. I hope to see all of you at our reunion in the summer of 2008.
updated on March 22, 2011

Name: Cesar E. Godinez
E-mail: cgodinez @ manhattanconstruction.com
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Edmond, OK
Comments: Hi, everyone. My fiancÚ and I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and we moved to Oklahoma in 2007. We will be married this summer. My fiancÚ is attending law school at Oklahoma City University, and I am working as a project engineer for Manhattan Construction. We bought a home in Edmond, Oklahoma. We have a cat named Penny. We miss our family back home, but we have made a wonderful life for ourselves in Oklahoma. Go Huskers!
updated on November 20, 2008

Name: Ryan Guill
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: West Point, NE
Comments: I am currently the Program Director/Operations Manager of KTIC Radio in West Point. We are a sister station to KRVN. This September I will have been with the Nebraska Rural Radio Assn. for 10 years. Other than that, just havin' fun right now!! Really enjoy living up here. Not married ...yet. No kids... that I know of!
posted on January 21, 2006
April 17, 2006 - Ryan Guill passed away at his home in West Point, NE.

Name: Dahlas Holbein
E-mail: dandaholbein @ msn.com
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: I currently own my own lawn care business for the past 12 years. I also work part time as a school bus driver for Lexington Public Schools. I married Amy in April 2002. I am also a member of the Fire Dept.
posted on November 18, 2006

E-mail: clousetonnie @ yahoo.com
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: ELWOOD
Comments: I married my husband Dustin September 15, 2001. We have three beautiful children. Madison, Makenzie, and Kaden. I stay at home full time and my husband works for Pepsi bottling. We spend most of our time at home or with family. It's a very simple life, but I truly enjoy it!! I'm looking foward to seeing everyone at an alumni banquet. God Bless!!!
posted on February 5, 2007

Name: Justin Jurgens
Class of: 1998
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: I graduated from UNO in 2003, married my wife Eliana in 2004, and we had our son Alex in 2006. I am an agent for Farm Bureau here in NW Omaha. I divide my time between playing golf (also known as attempting to play golf), hanging around friends and family, going to our local 24, and church. I can't wait to see everyone this summer.
posted on March 29, 2008

Name: Brandi (Keeton) Basurto
E-Mail: basurto_4 @ yahoo.com
Class of: 1998
Comments: I am living in Lincoln with my husband David, and our three wonderful boys.  I am now a full-time mom and loving every second while my husband works at Nel-net.  Sometimes just keeping up with life makes me wonder if there would even be time for me to be working! Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion. Keep in touch!!
posted on June 18, 2008

Name: Jessica (Lauby) Bliven
E-mail: jessicalauby @ yahoo.com
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Fort Collins, CO
posted on February 15, 2008

Name: Heather (Longly) Haessler
E-Mail: hhaessler @ cox.net
Class of: 1998
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: I married my husband Tracy in 2003. We moved to Omaha in 2001 and I have been an x-ray tech at Immanuel Medical Center since 2002. No kids yet. Hope to see you all at the reunion in a few weeks.
posted on June 18, 2008

Name: Chris Newton
E-mail: cossette.newton @ yahoo.com
Class of: 1998
Now Living In: Seward, NE
posted on April 10, 2008

Name: Angie (Root) (Elgert)
E-mail: blondie_19792002 @ yahoo.com
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: I am soon to be married to a wonderful man Nate, he is my saving grace after I lost my first husband to pancreatitis 6 months after we were married. Now that things have settled down we are planning a wedding in Cabo with all of our friends and family. With all the changes in my life I decided to quit my job in mortgages and work for myself as a Real Estate Appraiser.
posted on October 29, 2006

Name: Scott Randall Seybold
E-mail: sey-bass @ hotmail.com
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Kearney, Ne
Comments: I am living in Kearney, NE with my wife Brandy and our beautiful 8 month old baby daughter Cheyenne Grace. I am currently driving truck for a delivery company called Brown Transfer Co. here in Kearney. I have got into golfing and go out when I can.
updated on July 30, 2007

Name: Autumn (Smith) Johnson
E-Mail: asfrog @ hotmail.com
Class of: 1998
Now Living In: Wilcox, NE
posted on June 28, 2008

Name: Tara (Snell) Swick
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Knoxville, TN
Comments: I am currently living in Knoxville, TN with my husband, Donovan. We have been married almost 5 years and have two beautiful children, Chloe, age 3 1/2 and Simeon, age 1 1/2. We are expecting our third child in December 2006. I have two step-children, daughters Alaina and Caitlyn. I am a stay-at-home mom and enjoy raising my children, being active in my church, cooking, and learning about alternative medicine therapies and organic living.
posted on April 23, 2006

Name: Chuck Valish
E-mail: delttd25cv @ yahoo.com
Class Of: 1998
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: Hello all!!!! I'm just living in Omaha and teaching our youth (3rd grade) in Elkhorn, NE. I also coach high school boys basketball and boys golf as well. No marriages as of yet and I live in a 100 sq ft apartment which is lovely as can be. I'm making the big bucks as you probably guessed. Hope to hear from some of you.
posted on October 5, 2006

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