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2006 Reunion Photo and Photo Gallery of 40 year reunion

Name: Jennifer (Anderson) Johns
E-Mail: jennyj5819 @ yahoo.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: Hi Everyone,
It's been great reading all your bios and catching up on everyone's lives. I have lived in several places around the country for brief periods - New York, Oklahoma, Florida, and Illinois, then finally settled in Annapolis, MD for 25 years where I raised my children and worked in Architecture and Design- first in commercial interiors and construction inspection, then in kitchen and bath design, then on to designing custom homes. I returned to the lake in 1997 to care for my father until he passed away in 2002, where I had a little concrete design business in the garage so I could care for Dad. I'm back to designing luxury kitchens and baths in Omaha and loving it. My two daughters, Jena 37 and Melanie 34 moved out here also, so that has been a real joy for me. My son Allen is still in Annapolis, working for the top radio station in DC and building his record label "Red C Records" Jena is in the grants department at the Med Center and Melanie is an administrative assistant at Info USA. Jena's 15 year old son Josh is going into high school this fall and is also an artist, so we have a lot in common. Her 13 year old son, Zachary, lives in Maryland with his dad and will be here with us for the summer, so we are really looking forward to seeing him. They are really great kids. My great love is historic preservation and I'm involved with the Restore Omaha conference. I have a couple old houses I'm working on slowly but surely. I'm looking forward to coming to the reunion and seeing everyone. Haven't made it to any reunions yet and decided it was high time. See you all next week.
posted on June 9, 2006

Name: Jeannine Batie Nelsen
E-Mail: gjnelsen @ huntel.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Lyons NE
Comments: After graduating from college, I started teaching in Lyons and I am still living here. After teaching for 32 years I decided to retire three years ago. My husband, Gene, of 32 years retired from teaching four years ago. I spend my days working at home, substituting at 3 different schools and teaching quilting classes. I really enjoy teaching quilting as I have been a quilter for over 20 years. We have a motor home so spend many summer and fall days camping and fishing. We mainly go to South Dakota. We also do some traveling and I am always looking for quilt stores so I can add to my fabric. Since we don't have children, I get to spoil my great nieces(3)and nephews(2).
posted on May 29, 2006

Name: mary bean hossaini
E-Mail: marymcbean @ hotmail.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: lincoln, ne
Comments: Wow, has it really been 40 years since we graduated from LHS?  Most days I don't feel old at all, except when my knee tells me that it is going to rain! I am still working at Sartor Hamann Jewelry (Gateway) after 20 years! I am a Registered Jeweler with the American Gem Society, and I love to help customers find a perfect style, or I can design a "one of a kind" custom piece. We have the best shop people in the midwest! My daughters, Sara and Roya, are both living in San Francisco. Sara is 26, and works for a women's rights organization as the public relations manager. She also teaches Spanish, and does volunteer work for a rape/spouse abuse hot line. Roya is 24, and works as a counselor at a center for abused children. I have been married to Charlie Linkugel for 3 years. Charlie works at Information Technology, a banking software company. We enjoy living in Lincoln and have fun playing golf, and traveling. Charlie has a son, Nathan, 26, and a daughter, Tara, 31, and a grand-daughter, Jacqueline, who is almost 4. They live in Lincoln, and so does my sister Lisa and her family. My mom lives in Elwood, and is doing great. She will be 89 on June 18th, and rides her exercycle 5 to 10 miles every day! She also just got her driver's license renewed for 5 more years! I am sad to say that my dad passed away 2 years ago from cancer. I was a Daddy's girl, and I miss him greatly. He taught me how to hunt and fish, golf, and fix things. I also lost my brother-in law, Reza Hossaini, almost 3 years ago, when the United Nations headquarters in Bagdad was bombed. Reza was a graduate of the Univ. of Nebr. Lincoln, and volunteered to go to Iraq to help with assisting refugees. He had lived with us for 3 years while attending UNL, and we miss him, as does his wife and 2 children. On a more upbeat note, my goal for this year is to talk to as many restaurant owners in Lincoln as possible to see if they will add a veggie or salad choice to their kids' menu. On another health issue, I was delighted when Lincoln voted for a smoking ban in restaurants and bars. San Francisco has one, too. My other interest is spreading the word about the dangers of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Well, I have rambled on long enough. I hope to see you all at the reunion events!
posted on June 2, 2006

Name: larry dale bockus
E-Mail: bockus1 @ gmail.com
Class of: 1966
Now Living In: lincoln, ne.
posted on November 26, 2010

Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Wichita, KS
Sergeant First Class (E7), Retired
US Women's Army Corps (WACS)
Medical Laboratory Manager, 1978-1987
Medical Laboratory Technician, 1966-1977
08/08/1966 through 06/30/1987
Retired at Ft. Riley, KS in June 1987. Moved from Manhattan, KS to Wichita, KS in June 1988 to attend the fall semester at WSU. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Care Administration in December 1991.
   I started working at the VA as a Work Study in Fee Basis on 02/20/1989 until 12/31/2001 when I graduated from WSU. I have been a volunteer since 04/15/1992. I have worked as an office assistant for Chaplain/Pastoral Care since March 1993. I perform all the administrative duties, take part in the bimonthly memorial services and assist two chaplains. While working in Chaplain/Pastoral Care, I have also done volunteer work in Medical Administration, Voluntary Service, Center Director's Office, Pharmacy, Medical Library, Research and Development; and supervised and trained the volunteers that work in the Patient Education Room. I am an active member on the Women Veterans Advisory Council and an advocate for VA Women's health care and benefits. On 09/30/2005, I had completed 21,794 volunteer house in thirteen years and five and a half months. I was one of twenty-three Robert J. Dole VA volunteers who received the President's Call to Service Award from the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation and
the USA Freedom Corps on May 12, 2006. The President's Volunteer Service Award is the most prestigious award given for volunteer community service.
   I am also an income tax specialist and have worked for H&R Block for seven years in Wichita, KS.
I am a member of the following civic and military service organizations:
American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), Associate Member and Clinical Laboratory Assistant (CLA), Chicago, IL
First Presbyterian Church, Lexington, NE
First Presbyterian Church, Chancel Choir since 1989, Wichita, KS
Fraternal Order of the Eagles, Plum Creek Auxiliary #2922, Lexington, NE
Wichita State University Alumni Association, Wichita, KS
American Legion (AL), Lanning Post 111, Lexington, NE
Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter #4, Life Time Member, Wichita, KS
The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA), Chapter #4, Life Time Member, Junction City, KS
Women in Military Service For America (WIMSA) Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Charter Member and WIMSA Field Representative, Washington, D.C.
posted on June 7, 2006

Name: Roger Brown
ClassOf: 1966
Now Living In: Lebanon, Kentucky
Comments: Hey '66ers, wish I were there. Steve Hutt will be, and I'll have to trust him to pass on my best wishes. He probably won't bring the good bourbon, like what I wooda done. I'll try to add some real information to this in the future, I still haven't read everyone's entry. Soon. Someday. If anyone would like to contact me you can email, pardon the non-machine readable address, at rcbrown12[at]earthlink[dot]net. Would someone please tell Grant Wood that I saw two Purple Gallinules this week. I had only seen one before in my life. I'm sure he will be there, he can't resist bangin a little white ball around. My love and best wishes to you all, I hope you have a wonderful reunion.
posted on June 16, 2006

Name: Bill Craig
E-Mail: bcraig @ homefinder.org
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Bloomington, IN
Comments: Sure has been a quick 40 years! When I got the mailer for the reunion I realized how long it had really been. No wonder I look so grizzled -- I'm old! We are still living in Ellettsville, a suburb of Bloomington. Kathy is a data analyst consultant working with several hospitals in this area. I run a design preproduction facility producing a half dozen real estate magazines. It was culture shock moving to specialty publications after 12 years in the alternative publishing arena. We were the thorns in the side of politicians and robber barons from Ohio to California. Now my only editorial task is to decide whether there should be flowers, leaves or snow around the houses on the covers of our magazines. I still get to write sports copy in our running magazine, which coincidentally, is now being circulated in Nebraska. Kathy and I started the Indiana Runner 17 years ago. Now it has become the print side of Midwest Media, Inc. and the name is Midwest Running. We cover an area that goes from western Penn. to eastern Nebraska. Our website is one of the top sites in the industry averaging more than 3 million page views per month.
     We lost Wendi, our oldest daughter in an accident caused by a drunk driver. It happened on the eve of the first day of her senior year in 1989. Melanie is an LPE specializing in wetlands restoration and groundwater resources. She is employed by Maunsell Associates in Sydney, Australia and is assigned to thier office in Auckland, New Zealand. Her husband Dorian is deputy human resources director for the city of Auckland. They are about to make us grandparents, expecting a baby girl in June.
     Oldest son Nick graduated from IU two years ago with degrees in English and Religious Studies. His day job is catering manager at a local restaurant but his passion is music. His rock band is playing regularly all around this area and he is now in the process of recording a solo CD of his own material.
     Sam is a senior following his sister as an engineering major at Purdue. He also works in the food service business as a deli manager for a grocery chain. Sam is a scratch golfer and still holds our high school record for all-time low tournament round.
     Emily is an eighth grader and our resident over-achiever. She is a straight A student; a varsity cross country runner; a member of a touring dance team that competes all over the country; plays piano at our church; is first chair clarinet in her school orchestra and the IU children's concert band.
     My band, The Lopers, released our first CD two years ago. It has done surprisingly well. Anyone interested in hearing a cut can go to
www.cdbaby.com and type in Lopers. The album is call Ghosts Like Me.
     I coordinate the folk masses at our church and we are very active in the Focolare lay movement. It is the largest Catholic lay movement in the world. Our mission is outreach to other religions. Here in the midwest we work very closely with the Black Muslims. Last year I went to the Vatican as the midwest representative in a world wide media conference. We stayed in the Pope's summer residence in Castel Gandolfo.
     Regrettably, we won't be able to make it to the reunion as we will be in New Zealand with the kids. I will be thinking of you while you are together. Best to all!
posted on May 13, 2006

Name: Frances Cranmer Nunnery
E-Mail: fran.nunnery @ adelphia.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Comments: I've been reading all your inputs on the alumni site and thinking about Lexington brings back so many memories for me, don't tell me things have changed, I'd rather keep the good memories.
   I moved to Colorado Springs, CO in 69. I married a soldier from Ft Carson (like my mom told me not to do). Went to Germany several times and several Army bases here in the states. The marriage didn't work but I got 2 beautiful kids. My son Bill (36)and my daughter Amanda (29).
   Vince, my sweetie, has a daughter Rachael (25) and son Aaron (17), together we have 6 grandchildren 4 boys & 2 girls ranging from 10 to 3. We're blessed that our families live close and we get to see them a lot. (I love the grandma thing) I got my degree in science thinking I wanted to be a Dental Hygienist, then thought again after actually doing it for awhile.
   When I came back to the states I got a job at Texas Instruments for 14 yrs until the company closed. I went to work for Apple Computer for 5 yrs, then they sold the building and people (including me) to SCI and then SCI merged with Sanmina. So I've worked for 3 different companies all under the same roof, this Nov it will be 15 yrs. Simply, I do Cad/online work and change info that we get from a customer into something that we can build for them. I like the work and the people. I think about retiring but so far it's just thinking.
   We belong to the Colorado Archeology Society and have gone on digs and trips all over the 4 corner area, Utah and New Mexico. I have to stay in shape to keep up with all these trips. Some of the group members are in their 70's and can go like they're in their 30's. But wow, the things we dig up (literally). We even found a skeleton that unfortunately stopped the dig with the University of New Mexico until they could determine if it was ancient or recent. She was ancient, and was given a traditional Indian burial.
   I love it here in the Springs, but I'll always have a soft spot for home, funny after all these years it's still home.
   I wish you all well and as for me LIFE IS GOOD. See you for the 40th.
posted on May 22, 2006

Name: Dennis Cumpston
E-Mail: denbettcump @ yahoo.com
Class Of:
Now Living In: Grand Island, Nebraska
Comments: Hi Classmates
It was a joy to see you all, wish I had a chance to speak to each one, good turn out. I want to thank the reunion committee for all their work to make this possible, and also Jeanine for honoring us with the quilts. OK, here we go.
     Bett and I have been married 45 years now. I retired a year ago with 36 years of Federal Service. We enjoy traveling, and in the last 5 years have been to Hawaii twice and Alaska for our major trips. We recently purchased a house in Aurora Ne. and have a sale pending on our home in GI. Downside, moving, which will happen Sept 1. In my spare time, I enjoy woodworking, Sudoku puzzles, and doing geneology research.
     Our son Josh is Superintendent at Nebraska Christian Schools. His wife Allene teaches in Aurora. Their oldest Katie just graduated and has a full ride scholarship to Wichita St. studying Bio-medical Engineering. She qualified for State Track and Cross Country all 4 years of high school, and accepted a spot on Wichita St. Track and Cross Country teams as a walk on. Trevor just finished his Freshman year and was starting quarterback for the Varsity Football team and also played Varsity Basketball. Tyler just completed 6th grade.
     Our Daughter Jill is a stay at home Mom and home schools. Her husband Joe is Lab Director of the Aurora Hospital. Their son Jake is 13 and has a black belt in Taekwondo. Lauren in 2 1/2. They are expecting to adopt an infant any day now.
     Two events happened in the last 5 years that has made a significant impact on me. Jill and Joe lost their daughter Alyssa to cancer. She was 4 when diagnosed and fought it for 6 years. She lived and died with so much faith in her Lord and Savior. She never complained, and was a joy to be around. She was a real inspiration to me and to all who know her.
     The second event happened one Sunday morning while getting ready for church. I had a small pain in the middle of my back when God told me to go to the hospital. After routine tests they decided to keep me for observation. Middle of the afternoon, I was thinking I made a mistake coming to the hospital and wasting their time when the Cardiologist and a team of nurses came into the room, saying "You are having an event", which I found out later was Doctor talk for heart attack. Still in no pain, I was rushed to the Cath Lab and had a stent put in. 95-99% blockage in my left anterior descending artery. This is called the Widow Maker. They told Bett she saved my life for bringing me to the hospital, and she helped, but Lord deserves the glory for how this all worked out.
Updated on July 8, 2016

Comments: Greetings, I'm still employed by the U.S. Postal Service as an Electronic Technician. I enjoy the work and am not planning to retire any time soon. When retirement happens, we hope to do some short term mission work. Bett and I have been married 35 years. We had planned to celebrate our anniversary in Cancun Mexico, but after a hurricane went through there, we changed our plans slightly and went to Omaha instead.
   Our two children are Josh 33, and Jill 28. Josh and his wife Allene have three youngsters of their own, Katie 8, Trevor 5, and Tyler 2. Josh and Allene have lived in Hastings since college. And we really enjoy having the grandkids that close. Josh is an Assistant Principal for Hastings Senior High and Allene gave up teaching to raise their children.
   Jill and her husband Joe also went to Hastings College but left right after graduation and have lived in Virginia and New York. Joe worked as a Cell and Molecular Biologist doing DNA research. They have two children, Alyssa 5, and Jacob 3. Wanting to move back to Nebraska, they moved in with us for 14 months while Joe went back to school and earn his second B.S. Degree in May. He has just started employment at a local hospital. Jill has become a stay a home Mom.
   It is a blessing to have Alyssa and Jake close now so we can spoil them better. Ten months ago, Alyssa was diagnosed with cancer. She is currently in remission, but will continue her chemo for another two years. We've gotten to know Interstate 80 between here and Omaha quite well as that is where Alyssa gets her treatments. She's a real trooper through surgery, spinal taps, transfusions, bone marrow aspirations, injections, blood tests, with daily and weekly chemo treatments. Please pray for her.
   See you in June.
Joshua 24:15

posted on May 22, 2006

Name: Charlie Danniels
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: San Diego, CA
Comments: Hi! I'm now retired and enjoying bike riding and traveling. I will be back for the reunion and will add more later. Just wanted to let you know I am coming. See you soon. Charlie
posted on June 13, 2006

Name: Charlotte DeLap Buckley
E-Mail: t2buck48 @ hotmail.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: Hi Lex grads, I can hardly believe it has been 40 years!!! Harder still, I'm still in Lex. I am employed at Bryan Elementary as a Para. I'm currently taking classes to get my associate/teaching certificate and plan to sub. when I retire in a couple more years. Brian is still at Paulsen's Inc. Children-- Michael (oldest-- grad. '88) wife Teresa, son Trae 14, live in Logansport, Ind., his daughter Kris remained in Moline, Ill. she and Justin are planning to marry in Sept. Blane (2nd -- grad. '96) now lives in Lincoln after a tour in Iraq, longest 14 months in my life. Megan (3rd-- grad '98) lives in Coralville, Ia, husband, Clay working on his Ph.D. at U of I, one year left; they have two beautiful little girls, Emma 2 1/2, and Paige 2 months. I am looking forward to the reunion, hope most of you can join us. Since Rueben is no longer with us, could you refresh my memory of Pershing students, and girls, if you were a member of Girl Scout #12, let me know. Until this summer... Charlotte
posted on March 16, 2006

Name: Robert L. Frerichs
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Longwood, Florida
Comments: Forty years fast!! Life has been mostly great since graduation. My work after college included 21 years in Nebraska banking in Lincoln and Columbus. At 43 I had a mid-life crisis and moved to Florida to work for a software company, designing and developing software for the banking industry where I am still employed. Should retire and focus on investing but am still having fun repaying the banking industry for all the goodness it provided in our lives. Traveled to over eleven foreign countries during my software career mostly in Europe and South America. Such familiar places as Prague, Paris, Rome, Athens and then some less exotic places like Sofia, Bulgaria; Zagreb, Croatia; Graz, Austria; Belgrade, Yugoslavia; and Cali and Bogota, Colombia. Learned that it is a great world and the people are mostly the same except for religion and politics. We should be so thankful for all that we have and the opportunities that are ours. Let's keep it that way if we can.
     Have been married to Peg for 38 years. She is obviously a very tolerant person!!! Have two children and two wonderful grandchildren. Son John is an assistant manager for a wholesale pool company (big business in Florida). He is single and the most devoted Nebraska football and baseball fan in Florida. Daughter Stacy works in real estate, is married to a native Floridian (Jeffrey Dunn) and they have two wonderful children; both gifts from God.
     Cheyenne Dakotah, 10 years old, is smart, motivated, beautiful; you get the picture. Bryant Daniel, 6 years old, is a full-fledged boy, smart in a different way, athletic and handsome as all get out. Both of our children live within 30 minutes and we see them often and are best of friends.
     Look forward to seeing you all in June and want to thank the reunion committee for making the arrangements to make this time very special. God bless.
posted on May 8, 2006

Name: Keith L. Green
E-mail: vet63vert @ bmi.net
Class of: 1966
Now Living In: Kearney Ne.
Comments: I was on the computer and was wondering if there was a web site for LHS Alumni, and low and behold there is. Although I did not graduate from LHS, I lived and went to school there for most of my growing up years. I graduated from Chase County High in Imperial, Ne. It is really nice to read letters of what everyone is doing. Keep up the site as it is very enjoyable for everyone.
posted on April 16, 2008

Name: Janna Lee Guyer PeytonPeyton Family
E-Mail: jandav @ cox.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Tucson, Arizona
Comments: I graduated from Kearney State College in 1970 with a B.A. in Business Education. I moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1970. In 1976, I received a M. Ed from the University of Arizona in Reading. I received my Ed Administration Specialist certification from the University of Arizona in 1984. I taught high school for 12 years in Tucson. I started a non profit organization called The Tucson Society Of The Blind in 2003. I am an active member of the Rincon Lions Club and Polio Epic, a polio survivors support group. I have been married to David for 44 years and have one daughter and two grandsons. David and I are involved with Northminister Presbyterian Church and Shepherd's Arms, a support group for parents of disabled children. We both enjoy road trips and are enjoying retirement with Molly, my service dog. I will attend the reunion.
updated on March 24, 2016

Name: Don L. Halouska
E-Mail: dlhalouska @ msn.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In:
Comments: Am now enjoying the warm climes. Trying to learn to golf. Enjoy the beach hiking and exploring the island. Still working, not retired, and don't intend to be in the foreseeable future. I still enjoy my profession and constantly learning. Would love to hear from any of you.
updated on August 2, 2009

Name: Jim Hanson
E-Mail: jamesahanson @ aol.com
Class Of: 1966
Faculty: 1975-1977
Now Living In: Papillion, Nebraska
Comments: Hello Everyone! OK, OK - I better get something 'posted' on this website, so you all don't get too disappointed. Like, whatever happened to Hanson?? 40 years ...WOW! I have really enjoyed reading everyone's comments.
  My heart goes out to those of you that have lost a family member. I know & share "Your Pain". My wife, Bev of 31 years (whom many of you knew) died from Stage 4 Breast Cancer on February 7, 2005. I had 'no clue' she even had it. Bev died "instantly" next to me in the front seat of our car upon returning from cashing a check. Life is so precious, isn't it? Yes, one can be gone in a 'heartbeat'. She had washed 15 loads of laundry the day before as it was 'just another day.' We all move forward...that's all we can do!
  Now, I am "dating challenged". Yes, it's a 'Real Hoot', I tell ya'. Some of the events I have gone to remind me of a junior high dance! REALLY!..."far out".
   Jeff (27)..US Air Force. He has been deployed in Italy & Afghanistan, now in the DC area. (Fort Meade, MD.) Going out to see him on June 20th. We have not seen him since Thanksgiving. Will be a busy week with reunion & all! But a fun one!
  Melissa (30) Going to UNO for Dental Hygiene. Licensed Massage Therapist. Lives in Omaha.
  Joel (36) Stepson Lives in Vermillion, SD. Teaches music part-time at USD. Grandkids..Jody (14) and Josch (12).
  Me...Have a MS in Construction Management and returned to UNO in 2002-2004 and received a MS in Educational Administration. Ya'..I was "The Senior Student". The average age of students in the program was 28!! I consult for teachers and administrators (the folks that we need to keep 'humored' sometimes)..or anyone that will listen to me!
  I design & implement Career & Vocational Education Programs with life skills and a pipeline to the Workforce. I also work with the state education department in helping to 're-think' the high school experience. Many of my vocational programs have been for at-risk youth & diverse cultures.
 One of my assignments took Bev and I to Casper, WY....first day we were there we ran into Dale and Linda Wolfe at Village Inn. Pretty 'small world', isn't it!
    I worked with Tom Osborne alot when when he ran for Governor...as you probably know...he did not make it! I do have some future projects planned with him. It was fun getting to know Tom & Nancy on the campaign trail. Great Americans!
   Sometimes I have subbed for OPS. I ran into Everett "Bud" Hopkinson in March, 2006. "Our" 10th grade "Geometry Teacher" 1963-64. He is a substitute teacher for OPS. He has to be '80-100 something', but looks great and still teaching....and still has his 'Boston Accent' So there ya'are. There is hope for all of us!!
  I warn All of YOU ahead of time...I am probably the only one that has NOT aged!!
See you all in a few! Karaoke, anyone?? Remember your dark sun glasses! :)
posted on June 14, 2006

Name: Vicki Harrop Wojtalewicz
Email: vwojo35 @ cox.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Omaha
Comments: Hello, everyone. I'm still in Omaha and while everybody I know is retiring, I'm in my 2nd year of going back to work. I work for Westside Schools as an ESL teacher and I love it. My girls, Allison and Erin, are still in school and we love having them around. Neither one is married - yet. Our two dogs need us more than they do, however. My husband, Jerry is a rental property owner, part-time farmer, scuba diver  - you name it, he does it. No plans for retirement. We love to travel whenever we can and try to stay healthy. I'm planning on being at the reunion, so e-mail me if you can, so we can get back in touch.
posted on March 14, 2006

Name: Gary L. Hilty
E-Mail: hiltygl @ d11.org
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Comments: Married with 3 daughters and 2 step sons. We have 3 wonderful grandchildren who light up our life. Currently working as a Engineering Teacher in District 11, center of CO. Springs, teaching for close to 20 years now. My beautiful wife is the superintendent of the Deaf/Blind school in CO. Springs. We are currently planning our retirement from education in a few years to travel the country.
posted on May 19, 2006

Name: Larry Holbein
E-Mail: lholbein @ lusterleaf.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Woodstock, IL
Comments: I was planning to attend the reunion, but my niece's wedding was June 10th in Broken Bow. It was too difficult to schedule back to back weekends in Nebraska.
   Hard to believe 1966 is now 40 years ago! The years have gone by very fast for me. Too many things to mention here so I will just give you brief update.
   In 1983 I became President and owner of Luster Leaf Products, Inc. The corporation manufactures products for home gardeners. Our products are sold in garden centers, home centers, hardware stores and various other chain stores in the United States and Canada.
   To remain competitive, the corporation now has many products custom manufactured in China, India and Chile. I really enjoy the international business, but not the 15+ hour flights to Asia!
   Carol and I celebrated our 20th anniversary last year. She teaches Spanish part time at our local community college. We have two sons. Christopher(19) will be a sophomore at the University of Iowa. His major is biomedical engineering. Geoffrey (soon to be 17) attends Woodstock High School and will be a junior. He keeps his parents busy attending his sports activities and band events.
   Sorry I cannot make the trip this weekend. Hope all of you enjoy the reunion!
posted on June 15, 2006

Name: Rex & Sheryl (Smith) Hunt
E-mail: hf84952 @ alltel.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Cozad, Nebraska
Comments: Although our address has changed from Lexington, we still live on the farm that Rex was raised on. We are fortunate to have our daughter Stacey (32) & her husband Dave living a quarter of a mile away. They have two children, Tate (3) and O'Brasia (11 mon.) and I am blessed to sit for them four days a week while Stacey works. Needless to say, my time is spent entertaining and loving them. I also do some gardening and lawn care in my spare time. Rex and Dave keep busy farming corn and alfalfa, and Rex enjoys spoiling the grandkids whenever he can. We have been very fortunate to be able to do some traveling in the off season, and we both enjoy seeing new places and visiting old friends. Our other two daughters live in the Denver area. Wendy (36)in Broomfield, and Sarah (26)in Lakewood. We do try to get out West to see them at least a couple of times a year. We are both looking forward to the reunion and to seeing all of you in a couple of weeks.
posted on June 4, 2006

Name: Steve Hutt
E-mail: hutt @ mis.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Perryville, Kentucky
Comments: Still working in mental health-sort of a dance between confusion and fulfillment. Love redneck convicts and their hostages, abysmal parents, desperate people, and the disenfranchised. I hasten to add that I want to cut back work hours but not retire. Maybe a few short days a week so I can advance on my 70 acres of paradise. As the reunion approaches I have nothing but fond thoughts of all of you, especially those I never took the time to know. My niece marries in Lincoln in late May so a quick weekend trip by wife and self should, hopefully, not damage my desire to return to Nebraska three weeks later.
posted on May 2, 2006

Name: Michele Jaggi-Kilchherr
E-mail: michele.jaggi @ vtxnet.ch
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Switzerland
Comments: 40 years... wow! I was thrilled to join you on the 20th, and it was "yesterday"!!! In 1986 I was running a restaurant with my husband and raising two boys, Sylvain and Nicolas. Life was good, lots of activities shared with clients, friends and family. Also traveling in many countries to meet people.... And suddenly, life changed drastically: on June 1st 2000, my youngest son Nicolas died intoxicated by the smoke in his bedroom fire (he got to sleep while smoking a cigarette)... it is the hardest thing to survive such a drama. A year and a half later, my husband died from cancer, and 2 months after, my youngest brother Philipe died in a motorcycle accident. You can imagine how difficult life has been since. I got help when living 7 months in a Community of Protestant Church nuns. They were humble and full of love, being at my side for this great "desert crossing". Ever since, I regularly go and spend time with them. But the good surprise is that one can finally survive.... have new joys and loving life. Fragility is now part of me; but when I spend time with my grand son Theo (2 years on May 22), the gift of life and love is at its best. I have the chance of spending a day a week with him. Sylvain is becoming a farmer, raising sheep for lamb meat. I am working as a nurse in a home for mentally disabled adults; I love my job. Retirement in Switzerland comes at 65 years of age! Still a few years to go! I don't have the possibility to come to the gathering but I will be in thoughts and heart with you. One school year with you all was short.... but it changed the course of my life. THANK YOU for all you gave to this lost and strange "exchange student" back then.... love and best wishes, Michele
posted on May 10, 2006

Name: Denise Kjar
E-mail: [email protected]
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: Still living and working on my This Old House. Still can't believe I own major appliances. Love playing in the dirt and grow a large majority of my own food as naturally as possible. Co-founder of the Midwest Tomato Fest - group devoted to growing all types of tomatoes. Each August we gather for a tomato tasting fest. Last year we sampled 65 varieties, no one OD'd, no one's eyes glazed over as we talked tomatoes. This year I am growing 22 varities. If you have an interest, let me know.
   In the summer of 2003 two different black cats adopted me and my yard - Kitty Girl and Kitty Boy. They truly are magical and mystical and I have living yard art!
   I'm a board member of the Near South Neighborhood Association working to make my neighborhood an even greater, safer place to live. We have our work cut-out for us. This area is almost like living in a small town surrounded by a large suburban area.
   Thank you Judy and the reunion committee for all your hard work. Hope to see everyone in June. Is it really 40 years!!!!
posted on May 24, 2006

Name: Robert (Bob) Mahar
E-mail:  bobsuevette @ aol.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Eagle, NE
Comments: Thank you Lexington class of 1966 for the invitation to the infamous 40th Class Reunion. I was really happy to hear from you and receive the invitation since I did not graduate with you in 1966. Instead my parents moved to Minden my senior year and I graduated from there.  Moving my senior year and leaving my friends and fellow classmates was difficult to do. I regard my days at Lexington as being some of my more memorable years. Though not all was bad when I moved to Minden because that is where I met and married my wife Sue Wilcox. We will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this year. Hard to believe!
  I attended and graduated from UNL with a BS in Interior Design in January of 1971. After graduation my intended career took a different turn in the road and I switched to selling cars for over 35 years. I always had a love for cars and still do yet today.
  Sue graduated from Doane College and worked for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. She was a Quality Manager for the hose division.  When Goodyear decided to make some major changes by moving the hose division to Mexico, they asked Sue if she would like to transfer or take a retirement. Well that decision only took about 2 minutes. She had 31 years invested and was ready to stay home and enjoy the next phase of life in June of 2003. I could see how much Sue was enjoying retirement so in November 2005 I made the decision to do the same.
  Sue and I have two daughters, Mendy and Abbey. Mendy graduated from Bryan School of Nursing with a RN degree and from Weselyan University with a BSN. She worked as a nurse for the Regional Center 10 years and then went on to become the Practice Manager for Lincoln Downtown Physicians clinic. (she never really liked the sight of blood anyway) Mendy is married to Randy Clark, a Sergeant with the Lincoln Police Department, and they gave us three of the most beautiful and smart granddaughters anyone could ever want. Mariah 14, Lindsey 12 and Alyssa 7. I'm sure this sounds familiar to anyone that has been also blessed with grandchildren.
  Abbey graduated from UNL with a degree in Elementary Ed and Special Ed. Then went on to UNO and received her Masters in Special Education.  She taught in Omaha a couple of years, then got a job teaching in Lincoln at Fredstrom Elementary school. She married Kelly Spaulding and they gave us two handsome and smart little grandsons, Shea 4 and Cooper 2. Kelly is a Project Construction Manager with Weitz Construction Company.
  All five of our grandchildren have touched and filled our hearts with a special kind of love that only they could.
  After 30 plus years of living in Lincoln, Sue and I built a home at Woodland Hills Golf Course about 15 miles east of Lincoln between Eagle and Palmyra. Basically it is like living in the country with a small community of its own. We love the quiet and scenic life and we even get in a round of golf every once in awhile.
   Sue and I are looking forward to seeing you in June and reminiscing about some good old days. Remember KOMA, Oklahoma City!
posted on May 22, 2006

Name: Susan (Milhoan) Bokenkamp
E-mail: bokenkamp @ frontiernet.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Kearney, Nebraska
Comments: Hello Class of 1966! I was so disappointed that I was not able to attend the class reunion this summer. I did enjoy looking at the pictures of the reunion.
   My husband and I still live in Kearney. My husband is the manager at Ace/Eaton Metals in Kearney and I still teach at the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Kearney. I have three more years of teaching and then I can retire if I choose to do so.
   I have four children and one grandchild. My youngest son Drew is 23 and will graduate from the University of Nebraska/Lincoln in Civil Engineering and Physics in December 2006.
My youngest daughter Christina is 27 years old and is a therapist in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from Michigan State University and the Professional School of Psychologist in Chicago.  My oldest daughter Cathy is 30 and works in commercial real estate in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from the University of Nebraska/Kearney. She is planning a wedding for November of this year. My son Jon is 33. He and his wife have a son Jackson who is 2 and are expecting a new baby in January. Jon graduated from film school at the University of Southern California. He is a screenwriter in California. They live in Los Angelos but have a home at Johnson Lake where they can be around family as much as possible.
   A couple of years ago our whole family went to the priemier of his movie "Taking Lives."  He has made a couple of other movies including "Bad Seed" and "The Life and Times of the Drive Inn Theater." His latest movies include one that will open in March of 2007 called "Perfect Stranger" starring Hallie Berry and Bruce Willis. He also is working on one called "Night or Day, Are You the One."
 Many of you probably know that both of my parents have passed away. My brother Randy lives in Colorado and has three sons. My brother Ron and his wife Mel live in Santa Cruz, California where he teaches art at the University. My sister Jo and her husband Denny still live in Lexington and own a painting business. They have three children and three grandchildren.  My sister Cindy and her husband Kirk live in Lincoln. Cindy is an interpreter for the hearing impaired and blind in the Lincoln Public School and Kirk teaches in Lincoln. They have four children. My sister Cathy and her husband Ron also live in Lincoln. They have three children.
   I wish you all well and hope to see you all at the next reunion. - Sue
posted on August 9, 2006

Name: Fred Nisley
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Smithfield, NE
Comments: Fred is busy with the farming and cattle operation. It is still a diverse operation, backgrounding cattle, a cow herd, corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. Wife Andrea works for UN-L Extension Service in Dawson County. Daughter Erica is a sale representative with John Morrell & Co. and just recently was transferred to Fargo, ND. Son Clay is in the United States Air Force and is stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.
posted on June 13, 2006

Name: Jerry Parks
E-mail: jjcparks @ peoplepc.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Fleming, Colorado
Comments: Hard to believe 40 years has passed since graduation from LHS. Cheryl (Warren) and I have been married for 35 years and have 1 son Justin (25). He was married a year ago and we are to be first time grand parents in December. Chery is excited. He is the computer administrator for Semperian, a (GMC) subsidiary, and keeps 300 + computers and their network running. His wife Alexis is in nursing school but plans are changing because of the baby. I am still involved in Office equipment but spend most of my time supporting computers. Everything is connected these days. Chery works part time at the Foundation Quarter Horse registry. We decided to move to the country 5 years ago and keep ourselves busy trying to get things done here. (either no time, money or ambition) We still travel the country showing our Mini Rex Rabbits. Just got back from Monterrey, Ca. and going to Fort Worth Tx. in October. Most people call us CRAZY but it is a hobby we both enjoy, and it allows us to travel and do things together. Look forward to seeing all soon.
posted on June 7, 2006

Name: Pauline Matson Peterson
E-mail: pa.peterson @ sbcglobal.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: San Antonio, Tx.
Comments: I am planning on driving up to Lex for the reunion, and am looking forward to seeing everyone who is able to be there. I am currently working as a Labor and Delivery nurse at St. Luke's Baptist Hospital doing 12 hr night shifts. Tried pharmaceutical sales for about 12 years, but am happily back in the nursing profession. No longer married, but have 3 wonderful daughters, the youngest, Susan, will be entering her Sr. year at Nebr. Wesleyan Univ. this fall, so I do get up to Nebr more often these past 3 years. My brother Paul Matson and wife Lynn still live in Lexington, so do get to Johnson Lake as often as I can. Middle daughter Megan is a High School Freshman English pre-AP teacher here in San Antonio, and oldest daughter Stephanie is an 'at risk' counselor for teen age kids who have the one last chance to amend their ways before going to juvenile detention until age 21. So you see, I bring in the babies, Megan teaches them, and Stephanie helps the ones who don't do so well. Susan is still working out her options.
  Looking forward to catching up on the past 40 years. - Pauline
posted on May 22, 2006

Name: Max McHale
E-mail: maxmchale @ hotmail.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Lincoln, Ne 68505
Comments: Most of you know, I had a staph infection several years past that took my successful 1997 kidney transplant. Back on dialysis and doing well retired and thanks to kidney failure, labeled, disabled, and also looking for another kidney. If you are not a potential donor please become one. When you are done with your organs, pass them on. Please be certain you have an advanced directive or living will, or your family will be in the news like the Florida lady, Terri Schaivo, who cannot donate her organs and cannot even die with dignity due to the lack of advanced directives. You are never too young or old for letting people know how you feel about life! TELL SOMEONE TODAY how you feel and what you want when you get sick. Hope you all have a great Easter. See you this Summer, Be well and happy, Max McHale class 1966.
posted on March 25, 2005

Name: LaVonne Doris Milbourn Smith
E-mail: ld50ras @ msn.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Rantoul, Illinois
Comments: After 32 years as a teacher, I will retire in early June! Teaching used to be fun, but since No Child Left Behind, it is a pain in the behind! The kids are really the ones who are getting the short end of the stick. Anyway, I'm looking forward to no homework at night and on the weekend! We enjoy our 3 grandchildren. Cody is 2 1/2 and is our daughter's son and Dustin, 3, and Ellie, 5, are our son's little ones. They are only 11 miles away, so we see them often. We still enjoy Illini football even though the wins have been few and far between. We still tailgate the home games and once in a while travel to an away game. Our trips to Nebraska aren't as frequent since no one in our family lives in Lex any more. Looking forward to seeing all of you! 40 years! Wow!
posted on March 7, 2006

Name: Joan Millikan Morris
Class of: 1966
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: What a delight to be celebrating our 40 year class reunion! It has been a joy to visit with you, your family or friends to get your addresses. We hope EACH classmate can attend the reunion!! We welcome you back. Lexington has grown from a community of 5,570 in 1966 to the 2004 census of 10,056 people from numerous countries with various languages. Lexington has expanded to Interstate 80 which opened in this area in 1964. A drive through the business area on Washington Street has Barmore's and Loundon's as familiar names. The courthouse has an addition. The library that opened in 1966 has been replaced by a new spacious library. The former hospital is now the school administrative office. The current hospital is celebrating 30 years. All city schools are in the same location with remodeling and additions to all plus the addition Sandoz elementary in northwest Lexington where growth continues. The health center, new ball diamonds and indoor practice facility are near the airport. Across town is the new swimming pool still in Memorial Park and the Dawson County Museum. There are no railroad crossings, but two overpasses and a pedestrian walkway. This is Lexington in 2006.
   After college and marriage, Galen and I have living in Lexington. Studies in business and Christian education have been a wonderful asset. We are blessed with our son Lanny. He and his wife Ladina had a son January 18th of this year -- our only grandchild. What instant love, but also knowledge he is an eternal soul to be nurtured in God's way. We love his name, Caleb Josiah! That of two good men in the Bible. (Caleb, Numbers 14:24; Josiah, II Kings 23:25). I am also blessed that both my parents are living, although my mother has had a stroke and is paralyzed on the left side, but still has a sharp mind and can communicate. Dad is still active and in good health. God, family and friends make life a joy! Activities include church, Bible studies, prayer groups, Christian Women's Club, Gideon Auxiliary, Hospital Auxiliary, walking and reading. My days stay full.
posted on June 4, 2006

Name: Galen Morris
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: Upon graduation I served two years in the military, including a year in Viet Nam and then returned to Lexington. I am a postmaster and in my 36th year with the postal service. Currently, I am a Gideon, on the Community Education Advisory Board and also hunt, fish, tend the yard, flowers and a small garden. As our son Lanny was growing up, I was involved with scouts, 4-H, ball teams, Sunday School teacher, church deacon, PTO, booster club, VFW, Lion's Club and Lexington Board of Education. My newest joy is our grandson, Caleb Josiah. We are real pals! Joan and I hope to see YOU at the reunion!
posted on June 4, 2006

Name: Robert Michael Myers
E-Mail: rmmyers @ denver.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Arvada, Colorado
Comments: Hi Classmates! Time flies, but the memories remain. I just try to only remember the good ones, and there are many. Since our last reunion I have quit the construction business and went into real estate for a few years, but am now out of that also. I slipped in a swimming pool in about 2000 and fractured a vertebrae which has effectively kept me away from manual labor. I don't miss the drywall, and now after a few years of not doing it, I don't have to dream about it anymore. That's a relief. Also, since our last reunion, I have been busy in the music studio and have completed two original music CDs and am working on a third one. My good friend, Jim Thomas (St. Ann's 1966) has done a great job on the art work for the covers of both CDs. I've got a web site that you can go to to download some samples of the tunes if you would like. It's kind of weird, but (since the Michael Myers domain is already taken) it is- http://dnet.viawest.net/users/rmmyers/  You will have to use windows media to play the samples. Let me know if you try to go there and it doesn't work. I will send an attachment that you can click on to get it. Also, I'm playing drums in two bands out here with web sites that you might enjoy downloading some samples from.
   One is www.kingbeat.com which I have been with since 1995 and the other is www.lindastorey.com  which I have been with since about 2000. Please send me an e mail if you would like. I'd like to hear from anyone that would care to converse. I am looking forward greatly to meeting any of you that can make the reunion this year, as I am planning to be there. I wish everyone all good days ahead. Let's stay in touch if we can. I know the pace of life is very fast and no one has enough time to do all the things we have to do, but it's worth it, don't you think? It only takes a minute to make an e mail happen. My best wishes to you all. Michael Myers
posted on May 14, 2006

Name: Linda (Newton) Runion
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Phillipsburg, Kansas
Dear Classmates of 1966:
The first eight years were spent in Nebraska. In 1974, I moved to Kansas. I have spent the past 32 years farming. We are in the "dry land" area where there is no irrigation.
   While we were in school, I never dreamed one day I'd drive a farm truck, tractor or combine. Since the death of my husband, I have rented out the pastureland and the largest part of the farm ground as well. I still farm about 160 acres on my own. The only crop I plant is wheat.
   My husband and I took a small corner of our land along Highway 183 and put a large cross up there. Within the next several years; I hope to make this corner into a "PrayerPath Park" to be enjoyed by all denominations and used as well for Easter Sunrise Services.
   I have one daughter and two granddaughters. They live in Missouri. Sandy, my daughter, works for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. The oldest granddaughter graduated from high school on Mother's Day. The younger granddaughter will be a junior next fall.
   I do lots of traveling when I'm not busy with farming. I have visited every state except Oregon on the west coast, Alaska up north and four along the east coast, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, and North Carolina.
   I am looking forward to getting reacquainted once again with all you voices from my past.
Sincerely, Lois "Newton" Runion
posted on May 30, 2006

Name: (Mary) Lou (Owens) Howell
E-Mail: L1313 @ mchsi.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Urbandale, Iowa  50322
Comments: Hi to the Class of '66!
I live in the "semi-retired" world in Urbandale, a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa.  After retiring 3 years ago, I have written 3 books for middle and high school teachers, work for the Department of Education 8 days a month, and consult with schools.
   I spend most of my time with my 3 kids and my favorites, my grandsons, Turner, Tristan, and Tyler. My Tiffany works for WOW-TV in Omaha; she and Jeff - and Tristan and Tyler - live in Glendwood, IA - about 2 hours away. My son, JB, and his Tiffany live in Tampa, where Turner keeps them running. We have learned recently that they are expecting again. And my youngest son, Trev, just got married in October to Tina. And all of us just got back from Hawaii, where we had a great time biking down the volcano, lying on the beach, whale watching, and horseback riding.
   I had hoped to host a mimosa brunch at Mom's on Sunday morning after the reunion. However, I have just been called to Tampa, FL due to the high risk pregnancy of JB and Tiffany, so I will not be able to attend the reunion. I hope you all have a blast! I am sure that with all the great planning of the committee, you will be "rockin' and rollin'" all weekend.
  See you at the 50th!
  Thanks, Lou
posted on May 29, 2006

Name: Linda Purdy Thompson
E-mail: lindathompson48 @ hotmail.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Cozad
UPDATE: Upon completion of cosmetology school, I moved back home to Overton to be with my family for a few years. In 1969 I moved to San Diego, CA and lived with my cousin until I married my husband of 34 years. After living for 30 odd years in San Diego, I was divorced and moved to Cozad where I currently live.
     My daughter Dawn, lives in Cozad with the joy of my life (grandson Ryan). He is 13 and a typical teenager. Dawn has The Daily Scoop in Cozad which I worked in for a couple years but have retired for now.
     My son, Brian, is in the Coast Guard. He has a few years left until retirement. Man that makes me feel old! He is married and has 2 beautiful children, Asher is 6 and Torrey is 4. (Don't I sound just like a grandparent!) They currently live in Baltimore but will soon be moving to Cleveland which will be closer so I can visit them more often.
     My last daughter (but the oldest) is Cecilia. She was a Swedish exchange student we had during her last year of high school. After her graduation in Sweden she moved to the United States and lived with us. She is currently a uro-gynocologist/obstetrician in Los Angeles.  She also has two beautiful children Axel 6 and Pearl 4. I just had a wonderful trip with them to Hawaii.
     My hobbies are mostly spending time with my family, traveling, quilting, gardening and too many other things to mention. I look forward to our class reunion and wonder where the time has gone.  Hope to see all of you there!
updated on May 13, 2016

Hi everyone - I can't believe it is 40 years. I still feel young. I moved to Cozad and love being back home. I have 2 children, Dawn & Brian. Dawn and my only grandson (3 years old) live 4 houses down from me. It is such a joy to have them so close. Brian is in the Coast Guards and is getting married right before the reunion. I have retired after many years in the health care business. A few of my interests are gardening, bridge and travel. I look forward to seeing everyone in June.
posted on April 6, 2006

Name: Kay Purvis-Spegel
E-Mail: kayspegel @ live.com
Class of: 1966
Now Living In: Albany, Oregon
Comments: Hi, Its has been a long time. Most probably do not even remember me. I quit school in the 10th grade and married Jim Spegel. We are still married and have two boys. We have lived in Oregon since 1965 or 66, don't remember. I didn't work. Jim retired about 3 years ago. We have been Jehovah's Witnesses since 1974 (me) and Jim in 1978. If any of you are my brothers and sister in the faith, I would love to be in touch. Also any others who would like to contact me are welcome to.
posted on August 19, 2011

Name: Larry Lee Quitmeyer
E-mail: lark444 @ yahoo.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Ft. Collins, CO
Comments: My main career was a computer programmer/analyst. When that kind of fizzled out in 2001 due to a combination of some burn-out and a weakening contract-programmer market in Denver, and after some time off and trying things, I got into health care for the elderly, partly in nursing homes and partly in their own homes. Also, in the mid-90's, I was an over-the-road truck owner-operator for 2 1/2 years. Plenty of adventures and scenery, but not much in profits. In February of 2005, father Ernest passed away with Alzheimer's in a care home. In November, I did something I hadn't accomplished in time to spend more time with him, which was to get on at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in North Platte. This lets me see mom Norine and grandma Marvel more often than I might otherwise, although often it is short. I still live in Ft. Collins, where my daughter Leslie and son Matt also live. Unfortunately, Julie and I were divorced in 2002. My interests are pretty much summed up by organizations I belong to - Sons of the American Legion, Front Range Computer Users Group, Rocky Mountain Inventors Association, and church (but where does the time go to do all we want?). I would  prefer to have more time and resources to work on invention ideas. When I grow up, I want to be like a picture I saw recently - a little boy fishing. I'm looking forward to the reunion and some of those good memories from the '60's.
posted on June 20, 2006

Name: Teri Schlientz Vasko
E-mail: vaskort @ charter.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Riverdale, Nebraska 68870
Comments: Hi Everyone I can't believe it has been forty years since we all left the ivy covered walls of Lexington High School. (Yah I know where was the ivy? Maybe poison ivy?) After graduation I went to Radioligcal Technology school in Scottsbluff and have been a x-ray tech for over thirty-five years. I have worked for Dr. Mark Meyer, orthopedist, for twenty five years in Kearney and now I work two days a week for Dr. Meyer, do prn work for Kearney Orthopedic and take call for the new First Care in Kearney. I know it sounds like I'm really busy but I still have time for the chores at home and since Bob is retired I try to keep him in line. We have five sons (two are mine but I'll claim all of them) Bob's oldest, Tyler, lives in Torrington Wyoming and has two girls, Scott lives in Pine Bluffs and has a boy and a girl, Kelly has two families, his three girls and ex live in Casper Wyoming and he and his second wife and two step children live in Omaha, My oldest son, Miles lives in Lincoln and has one son and a stepson, and the youngest lives in Kearney with his wife Heidi and dog Cash. As far as my hobbies, I like to crochet, read and practice Tai Chi. Just got called so hope to see you all in June.
posted on May 4, 2006

Name: Judy Sellin Lauby
E-mail: jlauby @ esu10.org
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: The countdown to our reunion has begun!  We have had a great time meeting and planning for the events, more remembering than planning seemed to occur. I can't wait to see all of you who can come and hope everyone who can't will add information to this web site.  
   I have been a single parent for 12 years. My oldest and only daughter Heather graduated from SIU and is assistant manager of a large club in Carbondale, Illinois. My second son Tyson, who is 23 and will graduate from SIU in August in "computer everything", has been living with his big sis and they have survived. My 28-year-old son Justin was a probation officer in Lexington for 4 1/2 years but has transferred to the Omaha area. Noah is 18 and will attend UNK this fall. He earned the Rank of Eagle this January and in May we had an Eagle Ceremony for 6 scouts. Tom Osborne came and spoke so that almost overshadowed his graduation. It is convenient having a child whose Honor Year is the same as yours (1966-2006) as I will have someone to push my wheel chair and remind me who I am at future reunions.
   I have been a speech/language pathologist since 1969. In 1978 I earned my M.S. I have worked for Educational Service Unit 10 for 28 years. In 1998 I was offered the position of Speech Services Coordinator for Unit 10 and part of this job is supervising approximately 20 SLPs. I have had the opportunity to attend American Speech Hearing Association conventions and major workshops, which have given me (a small town girl) the opportunity to travel quite a bit. NOTE: For those of you who don't know, all rural schools in Nebraska are now governed by local K-12 Districts so there are no more local school boards even though many of the schools are open as attendance centers. This has been a shock to the entire state and has required huge changes for the big schools, as well as the rural school patrons. Because of this, we have fewer SLPs at ESU 10.
   I also serve on a regional autism team and our region is from Grand Island to Sutherland and from Kansas to South Dakota. We provide verification and programming for the schools in our region. I have learned a ton but most of all, I have learned to respect the dedication of families who live with and love children with autism spectrum disorders.
   I could have retired this spring but having to provide insurance for Noah, along with the fact that I absolutely love my job, keeps me from even considering retirement. Last, but not least, St. Ann's Church and my faith are an important part of my life ministry.
   Blessings, Judy
posted on May 30, 2006

Name: "Elaine" Jolene Smith
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Denver, CO
Comments: I guess first I'll explain the name. I was born Elaine Jolene Smith but always preferred my middle name, and not wanting to upset the relatives who named me I legally changed it around to Jolene Elaine Smith. I still answer to both names, so I guess it didn't really matter in the end.
   Since you all haven't heard from me in 20 years I will try to give you a very, very compressed outline. I wish I could make it to the reunion and see everyone again but, unfortunately, I've been so busy with family affairs that I've been stuck at home and just keep on trucking and trying to keep up with it all.
   I was working for continental Airlines in Denver, then transferred to the following cities for fun: Honolulu, Chicago, Houston and then back to Denver. I then got injured at work and had to have several surgeries. I've been married to two men, the second one ended up beating me so badly I was unconscious about 5 hours, he was a black belt in Tai Kwan Do.  I've had lots of lasting injuries and over 30 surgeries, but no plastic surgery. Needless to say, I've been single now for many years.
   I have two sons. Lucas Carl Bauer is 33 and married Michelle in '91. Unfortunately they can't have children so they just love and spoil each other. They live in Thornton, Colorado. My younger son, Mathew David Bauer, age 31 had a son, Devon Taylor Bauer who is now 13. His parents aren't together but I've taken care of him as often as I could get my hands on him since he was born. Matt later married and divorced. Then married Megan and they had two sons, Burton Reese age four and Harley Klein age two.
   On April 3, 2005 Matt had a motorcycle accident and literally lost his face, he died once due to no airway but they placed a tube in his neck and got him revived. They then airlifted him from his home in Casper, Wyoming to here in Denver. He has had many surgeries and has a lot more to go. But, he is such a strong person that after being in the hospital only two weeks, he went home and was back to work three weeks after the accident. Of course that was against the doctor's advice. Matt's reply was that he had a family to take care of and support. Then, two weeks later his wife packed up and moved out. Matt keeps making his trips to Denver for his doctor appointments and surgeries. He is still so upbeat it's just unreal. I'm so proud of him, I don't know anyone else, including myself, that could have handled it as well as he has. He is now blind in his left eye. His new girlfriend Jennifer is, as my dad put it, a "real keeper". Jennifer has a six-year-old daughter Isabel so now I have a new granddaughter. They are in the process of closing out his business, selling their house and moving to Vero Beach, Florida.
   I keep busy taking care of my granddaughter, Makenna Love Schubert age 3. She is the daughter of Matt's ex Ursula. I've been taking care of her for 11 hours a day, five days a week since she was born. I sure miss her on the weekends. We are very close and (believe it or not) a lot of people think she is my daughter and that she looks like me.
   My Mom and Dad are now 80 and 89 and of course at that age you do have some medical problems. I see them very often to help them out. I just moved a couple of weeks ago to an apartment to be closer to Mom and Dad so if something happens I can be there in about 15 minutes instead of an hour.
   My brother Steve had a heart attack and surgery a while back, and his daughter Casey's husband died last Father's Day from cancer. Rosalie's husband Scott died from a heart attack about two years ago. She has MS to deal with, too. Steve has a granddaughter and a grandson from Casey, Kyler and Jax. Rosalie has two grandsons from Anne Marie, Dalton and Colton, and one granddaughter from Geno, Julianna.
   My thoughts, love and prayers are with all of you. I would love to hear form you and all about your lives and families. If anyone wants to call me my phone number is 720.212.5812.
posted on June 16, 2006

Name: Rich Smith
E-mail: ld50ras @ yahoo.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Rantoul, Illinois
Comments: We are still here in Illinois and LaVonne will retire at the end of this school year. Hope everyone come to the class reunion to celebrate with her. I am sure she will have lots of pics of the three grandchildren and maybe Don H. will want to play softball again this year.
posted on February 28, 2006

Name: Karen Smith McNeff
E-mail: rbkdmc @ yahoo.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Palmer NE
Comments: Hi Everyone! I live on a farm between Palmer and Fullerton. We have two grown children but no grandchildren. My husband farms and I guess my title is go-fer. We raise corn and soybeans. We got out of the cattle business several years ago. I'm looking forward to seeing you this summer. See you then!
posted on March 3, 2006

Name: Sharon Tool Brandt
Class Of: 1966
Comments: Mark and I are still in Washington. We are in a rut, have the same jobs but hope to retire soon. Our oldest son Darin (33) is an anesthesiologist in Portland, Oregon. Our youngest son Eric (31) and his wife Tifffany work at Amazon.com. They have blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter Madeline (20 months). I am hoping to get to the "big 40" bash. The 16th is our last day of school and I am hoping they allow me the day off. I am anxious to see all of you. I missed the 30 because of school conflicts. I hope it doesn't happen again.
posted on March 17, 2006

Name: Judith Wasson Emert
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Phoenix, AZ
Comments: I graduated from the Unversity of Nebraska in 1970 with a BA in English (Secondary Ed). I went on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and was married a year later to Ken Emert who I met while attending UN. We ended up in Phoenix in 1973. Ken was on staff with Scottsdale Bible Church for 21 years and now has his own firm consulting with churches. I went back to school and got an accounting degree and became a CPA in 1996 and have had my own firm for eleven years. We have three children - Kirk, Jennifer and Kyle. Jennifer has our only grandchild - a granddaughter. We won't make it to the reunion because it is at the same time as our 35th wedding anniversary. I'll try to download some pictures before the reunion.
posted on April 20, 2006

Name: James Weides
E-mail: jamesweides @ aol.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Vail, Colorado
Comments: Single, no kids, see a lot of lex people at Paddy's in Eagle-Vail. Will add information later, and expect to be at the reunion.
posted on March 6, 2006
Update: Hi, 40 years is a long time. I couldn't imagine being around for a 40 year reunion. I am still living in Vail, or Eagle/Vail just down the road. Not married and no kids. Still in the Airport business, though business is a bit shaky. I don't have to travel as much as before, but still get out to a lot of the clients. My motto has been don't work anywhere people wouldn't want to go for a vacation. So finishing up projects in Telluride and Jackson Wyoming. We will see what this year brings for new work. Wish I could play golf and sail a bit more, but I guess that will wait until retirement. When do we get to retire anyway? Thanks to the alumni that set up this site. Wonderful job. See everyone in June.
posted on April 18, 2006

Name: Marcia Williamson Koch
E-mail: kochma @ fairfield.k12.ia.us
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Fairfield IA
Comments: Keevin and I have been married for 36 years and have three children: Jason, Courtney and Allison. Jason and Bridgette are the parents of Cooper (3) and Chloe (6 m.). They live in Springhill, Tennessee where Jason works in the office of a trucking firm and Bridgette is a dental hygienist. We sure do love those grandbabies! Courtney has her MA in Education and teaches English at David Lipscomb High School in Nashville. Allison has her doctorate in Occupational Therapy and works at Vanderbilt Rehab Hospital in Nashville. All of our kids got their BA degrees at Harding University in Arkansas. How did three Iowa kids end up in the Nashville area? Long story... but none of them play a guitar! I'm taking my last class this summer to complete a MA in Special Education. I know I'm old (you can't lie about your age to the people you graduated with), but I'm sure not thinking about retirement. I teach 2nd grade and love it-most days. Keevin still preaches, but mostly to fill in for other ministers. He's in his 25th year of being a volunteer track coach. Our hobbies revolve around going to Nashville to see our grandchildren (we do check in with the grownup children, too). It will be good to see all of you at the reunion! -- Marcia
posted on May 18, 2006

Name: Cindy Wind Dutton
E-mail: cld0917 @ msn.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Denver, Colorado
Comments: I, as well would like to thank the alumni committee for their hard work and dedication in keeping us connected and informed. We regrettably will not be able to attend the reunion, but will be thinking of you all as you gather and share all those memories. I have enjoyed reading the bios written and hope more will write.
   It took me 53 years and a few mini-mistakes to meet my wonderful husband, Terry. He was born and raised in Holbrook, just a short distance from Lex, but took us until 2001 to meet through our brothers. We live in the Denver area at this time, but have bought mountain property outside of Divide Colorado to build our dream retirement home.
   I am still a flight attendant (16 years) for American Airlines. I fly international flights and am based out of Miami, Fl. (a four hour flight commute). Having made a mid-life career change, I have not regretted this decision in any way. I have traveled to more countries and areas than I would have ever attempted or accomplished on my own. It has been a wonderful and enlightening experience.
   Retirement, oh my, don't you have to be old to do that. I have thought of it and will probably retire in the next few years, I sure don't want to be one of those dinosaurs (as they say) walking those aisles.
   My husband is a Supervisor of Roadway Equipment for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and has been with them for 33 years. Together we have three children. My daughter, Laura (she'll be 40 in November) who has blessed me with three beautiful grandchildren, one girl two boys, Taylor, 9, Cameron, 7 and Pedro, 3 and Terry's daughter Shannon who has 3 children and a son Todd who has 2 children. Laura's family lives about 20 minutes from us and though we spend as much time as possible together it never seems enough with our schedules. Laura is in Real Estate Property Management, Shannon is a surgical tech and Todd is a deep sea diver for the oil rigs.
   My mom is living in Mesa, AZ and she and my stepdad are celebrating their tenth anniversary today (June 8). They are healthy and happy and going constantly. More energy than I have. My brothers, Doug and Chuck live at Johnson Lake and Rodger lives in Champaign, IL.
   I look forward to seeing you all at our 50th. Stay happy and healthy. I'm not great with e-mail but please write if you like. God Bless and Enjoy the weekend sharing all those memories. Love, Cindy
posted on June 8, 2006

Name: Linda Kay (Woehrle) Christensen
E-mail: plchristensen @ hotmail.com
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Broomfield, Colorado
Comments: Hi to all classmates. I clicked on the 1966 year and read about a few of you. I hope there will be more input from classmates of 1966. I haven't been to a reunion since the 10 year, so would love to hear about everyone. I'm not sure yet if I'll be back for the reunion. We were in Lex last week for my brother Rich's daughter's wedding and will be in Lex again this weekend for another wedding in Sutton. I would love to see all of you - can't believe it's been 40 years. I have lived in the Denver, CO metro area since 1970. I have been married to Paul for 37 years. I have 2 children, David is 28 years old and Angela is 25, neither are married. I don't have any grandchildren. I am an insurance agent working for an agent for Farmers Insurance. We are avid summertime boaters and I still water-ski. We have season tickets to the Denver Broncos. And enjoy going watching the other pro teams in Denver. My Woehrle family all still live in Lexington.
posted on May 54, 2006

Name: Dell Wolfe
E-mail: dwolfe1.dw @ gmail.com (new email address 6-20-2014)
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Lexington, Nebraska (new 6-20-2014)
Comments: We have lived in Gothenburg for the last three plus years, moving here from Casper, Wyoming. When I say 'we', I include my wife Linda (Bourbon) as we married four years ago this coming June. I have four kids, three in Casper and one in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Linda has three, two in Colorado and one in Oklahoma. We have lots of grand kids. I have eight and Linda two. I was retired once for a total of three weeks, as I retired from a federal job as an electronics tech and went to work for Central Nebraska Public Power taking care of their radio system. The retired three weeks was used to sell a house, buy a house, and move back to Nebraska so I could see some rain, but that hasn't worked out. Nebraska has been as dry as Wyoming. I plan on seeing you at our 40th reunion.
posted on May 3, 2006 and updates to email and current home 6-20-2014

Name: Sherene Wood Morris
E-mail: bmoris @ cornhusker.net
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Grand Island
Comments: Time for another class reunion? It can't be our 40th, can it? After living in Loup City 27 years we have made the jump to the big city-Grand Island. I transferred to the G.I. Office of Health and Human Services in 2002. Bill retired from teaching in 2003 and we moved to Grand Island. Bill now is a Farm Bureau agent and has an office in Ravenna. We have two great daughters, two wonderful sons in law, and two beautiful grandchildren. Michelle and Kit live on a farm near Leigh, NE. Michelle is a teacher and a coach (just like her dad). They have Hallee, age 9 and Haden, age 6. They really make life fun. Sarah and Richard live in Manhattan KS. Sarah graduated from Doane in 1997, then completed 8 years of service in the U.S. Army and Army Reserves. She served in Bosnia, Kuwait,and Iraq. We are very proud of her. Her husband also served 8 years in the Army in Germany, Bosnia, and Korea. Sarah is also a State Employee; she is the Hazardous Materials Manager for Kansas State University. My life is family, church, work, and I am into walking, gardening, and trying to play golf. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.
posted on May 30, 2006

Name: Susan Wright Williams
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Gothenburg, NE
After High School graduation I attended Bryan School of Nursing in Lincoln, NE. I graduated in August of 1969 & also married the  same month! My husband is Matt Williams & he is a graduate of UNL, UNL-College of Law and is a banker by profession and State Senator.
   I loved the nursing profession and caring for people. I worked on a Med-Surge floor following graduation at Bryan Memorial Hospital and then worked in Obstetrics until I was offered a job in an OB/GYN Clinic and also worked as a surgical nurse. Susan and Matt Williams
   We moved to Gothenburg in 1974 and Matt began working in a family owned bank. We had our first born son also that year and three years later our daughter was born. I worked part time in surgery and obstetrics and also taught Prepared Childbirth for many years.  My profession also included working in a Medical Clinic and Cardiac Rehab!!!!
   We love being grandparents. Our son and his wife have 3 year old twins that keep us young.....and our daughter and her husband have three children ages 15, 12, & 8 years; we enjoy following their activities. We are very blessed &  love spoiling the grands.
Over the years Matt and I have been very active in our church as well as our community. I have been involved in the Community Improvement Program and NCIP. Currently serve on the steering committee for our new Wellness Center.
   Two years ago we began a new adventure as Matt was elected to the State Legislature. We live in Lincoln part of the year and have a new living and learning experience! While Matt is working 24/7, I am learning alot about our great state government but also enjoying the Nebraska Legislative League! We keep very busy with service projects, bible study, lunch bunch, movie group, educational trips and tours and  supporting each other as well as our spouses.
   Enjoy walking and spending time with family friends.
   I am very excited to attend our 50 year reunion and look forward to seeing and visiting with classmates!!!!
   A huge shout out and THANK YOU to the committee for all of their time and effort in organizing our 50th. You are all saints!
Susan Williams
Thoughts for our 50 Year Reunion:
"Life gives us brief moments with another....but sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that last a life time!" Unknown BLESSINGS TO ALL!
updated on June 8, 2016


Hello to all of my classmates; hard to believe that we will celebrate our 40 year reunion in June. A big thank you to the "Reunion Committee"; we appreciate all of your work and effort. Matt & I have lived in G-burg for 32 years. Matt has worked for our family owned bank for 30+ years as president & CEO. He loves running and logged 30,000 miles in January. I have been retired from nursing for some time although I have always loved nursing and patient care. I retired so that I could be more involved with family and travel with Matt on banking business trips/conventions. We have enjoyed our travels to many places in the USA as Matt served as chairman for the Nebraska Bankers Association. Our son Robert is 32 and lives in Omaha and is an attorney. He enjoys litigation & being in the court room. He's not married but has a girlfriend, Meredith, who teaches social studies at Omaha Benson. Our daughter Julie & son-in-law Luke live in Gothenburg. Julie is a middle school math & English teacher but has chosen to be a stay-at-home mom the past several years. Luke is a loan officer at our bank. I love being a grammy to 2 beautiful grandchildren. Ainsley is a cute, sweet, energetic and fun loving 5 year old; Maddox is a handsome, precious, and a very busy, strong willed 2 1/2 year old. The grandkids are such a blessing! In addition to spending time with grandkids and traveling I am involved with church ministry, community improvement and enjoy walking/running, time at Jeffrey Lake, & getting together with family & friends! Look forward to seeing everyone in June!
posted on April 13, 2006

Name: David (Dave) E. Young
Class Of: 1966
Now Living In: Frisco (suburb of Dallas), TX
Comments: After graduation I was an exchange student in Germany for 13 months. I then attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. I started out as a Horticulture/Floriculture major. But in my junior year, I changed my major to Music. Not much transferred over. I completed my Bachelor and Master of Music Organ Performance.
   Following my university studies, I worked for an organ building company for 10 years building organs all over the US and in England.
   Then I completely changed my profession. I am now Director of General Office Administrative Services for New York Life Insurance Company working on special projects. Currently I travel much more than I would like. So far this year, I have been in my office here in Dallas only 9 days. The rest of the time is traveling. In June I will be in Anchorage Alaska and fly directly back to Lexington for the reunion.
   My hobbies and interests are music, art (especially Santa Fe Southwest,) food and travel (not for the company).
posted on May 6, 2006

Name: Nancy (Young) Houser
E-Mail: nlhouser @ gmail.com
Class of: 1966
Now Living In: Wilcox, Nebraska
Comments: Hello, everyone. I did not graduate from LHS, but did shortly afterwards in Kearney before going to college there for my BFA. I married Roy Houser and have three boys: Monty, born 1968; Micky, born 1972; and Lee, born 1972. I have 14 grandchildren and (so far) I have three grandchildren with another on the way. I was divorced in 1979 and have spent my life as an illustrator and writer. I do rescue work for elderly dogs; sponsor KIVA; sponsor the Progeria Research Foundation; and run two websites- WayCoolDogs and WayCoolDogs. I ran across this website quite by accident and enjoyed reading about old classmates!
posted on April 14, 2014

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