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Class of 1987

Name: Cici J Anderson
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Jacksonville Beach, FL
Comments: I have been living on the East Coast pretty much since graduation but moved to Florida in 1996 where I found my true calling in the real estate industry. I am currently selling high rise condominiums on the Intracoastal Waterway. Except for the hurricanes I love Florida. Since the weather is pretty good here my hobbies include playing tennis on a women's league; spending time at the beach; boating; traveling; and volunteering with local animal organizations. Still not married although I've been dating someone for over a year now - no kids just my kitties.
posted on July 11, 2005

Name: Rob Anderson
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: My wife Natalie and I have been married for 13 years and we have two girls, Joelly(8) and Camille(6). I continue to farm in the Lexington area with my family and I try to stay involved in various local activities. I also spend several days a month in Lincoln working on an appointed USDA committee position.
posted on September 24, 2006

Name: Jerry Bader
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Arvada, Colorado
Comments: I have been married to my wife for 14 years and we have two daughters, Madison-9 years old and Lauren-6 years old. I have worked as a Natural Resource Specialist for the last 14 years in Jefferson County.
posted on April 9, 2007

Name: Brian Ballue
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: I am divorced, but have been seeing someone for about a year. I work for an executive search firm in Omaha, have been there for 7 years after spending 13 years in the retail industry and being transferred to several areas in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. No children, just a Golden Retriever named Oscar. Spend most of my spare time golfing or fishing.
posted on April 10, 2007

Name: Thomas Berke
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Glenwood, Iowa
Comments: My wife Kelli and I were married in 1993 and are both in education. I am an elementary teacher and she is an administrator. We have a daughter Abby and a son Ben. We still spend a lot of time in Omaha and Lincoln and make it back to Lex two or three times a year to visit family and friends.
posted on December 20, 2005

Name: Rob Bliven
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Sahuarita Arizona
Comments: I have been married for the past 12 years with 3 kids. I work for the Department of Defense at the Aircraft and Maitenance Generation Center at Davis-Monthan AFB. Spend what little free time I have racing on the dirt track or riding my Harley.
posted on January 17, 2006

Name: Traci Brock Woodside
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Holdrege, NE
Comments: I have been self employed for approximately 18 years. We have 2 boys, Zac and Jake. My favorite hobby is watching them play sports and other activities. Zac is now in College in Lincoln as an English major and Jake is a Sophmore in Holdrege. Wow, never thought I would be a Holdrege Duster mom! I have been taking classes for the last couple months to get my Real Estate license. I'd like to change careers as soon as Jake graduates. We also enjoy our weekends at the lake with friends and family boating, fishing, and soaking up sun rays!
posted on January 23, 2007

Name: Mike Eggert
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Kearney, NE.
Comments: I have been married for 14 years to Patty, we currently do not have any kids. I work for a company called BancSource servicing the hardware side of all banking equipment, I also host and build web sites on the side. We enjoy hitting the open road in our RV, checking out new places.
posted on May 17, 2007

Name: Theresa Gonzalez (Childress)
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: I still live in lex, working at the local hospital, Tri-County Hospital, as a health information clerk for 8 years. I am married for the second time to Ray Gonzalez for 2 years. I was formerly married to Fabian Rios. I have 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. Jamie (the oldest girl) is 21 attending school in Tennessee, Nathan, 17 is currently a junior at LHS, Andrew, 15 is a freshman at LHS, and Cecilia, 7 is a first-grader at Pershing.
posted on April 10, 2007

Name: Jeff DeBoer
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lincoln
posted on March 15, 2007

Name: Mike Deeter
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lincoln, Nebraska
posted on March 15, 2007

Name: Jay Delap
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Collinsville, OK
Comments: I got Married on 9/11/1999......9/11 won't forget that anniversary now. My wife Heidi and I have 2 beautiful children Avi 2 yrs and Zoe 5 yrs. We are finding out what every other parent knows, that life gets busy when you have children and we are just at the start of this game. We still live on a Residential Airport in Collinsville, OK, I am currently without an airplane as the airplane fund went to start our new business. I have been living in the Tulsa, OK area since Feb. 1989, working for American Airlines for 18 years. Currently I am in the Calibration Lab, Calibrating Linear Measuring Devices (yawn) Can you say ultimate Boredom. In Dec. 2005 my Brother Brad and I Started First Class Floors LLC in an effort to Flee the airline industry. We do Concrete Staining, Overlays and Concrete Coatings. Business is picking up and I hope to leave AA in early 2008 I look forward to seeing everyone in June.
posted on March 26, 2007

Name: Brenda (Fleming) Karas
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: North Platte, Ne.
Comments: Living in North Platte for 9 years. Married to my second husband, Roy, for 6 years. (1st marriage didn't go so well) lol. I have 2 kids. Tara Lyn is 16 and Pamela Jane is 9. I am CSM at Flying J Travel Plaza.
posted on September 17, 2006

Name: Jamee Frahm Petersen
ClassOf: 1987
NowLivingIn: Minnetrista, Minnesota
Comments: I am married to Mark Petersen and we live in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have a 2 year old, Blake, and a black lab, Bow. I teach 3rd and 4th graders, train teachers and had the opportunity to write and publish a book for mathematics educators. My sister and her family and my mom and dad all live in Lincoln. We visit them often.
posted on June 19, 2006

Name: Eric Franzen
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Kansas City, MO
Comments: Project Manager for GE, managing mapping (GIS) and database management projects for pipeline companies (been here 12 yrs). Married, wife Katy (7 yrs)-high school teacher. Son Zach (4 yrs) and daughter Leah (2 yrs). Spend any spare time golfing, biking, and driving to Lincoln for NU football/baseball games.
updated on March 25, 2007

Name: Scott Garcia
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Morganton NC
Comments: I live in Morganton North Carolina. I am currently separated and in another relationship. I served 6 years in the United States Navy, and am an Operation Desert Storm Veteran.
posted on February 25, 2007

Name: Susan (Garner) Buettner
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lincoln, Nebraska
Comments: I'm married to my high school sweetheart and have been for almost 17 years. We have 4 girls, 2-12 years old. I am a prosecutor with the Lancaster County Attorney's Office, and have been for the past 4 1/2 years. My husband is full time Army National Guard. I don't have time for hobbies, although I still love to plan parties, either for myself or friends.
posted on March 22, 2005

Name: Mark Gordon
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Minneapolis, MN
posted on June 11, 2007

Name: Brian Hersh
ClassOf: 1987
NowLivingIn: California
Comments: Moved to CA in 1988 and have been here since. I am a single dad who is raising two daughters 15 and 13. My kids are very busy with swimming, water polo and soccer. For fun I ride dirt bikes, scuba dive, travel, participate in triathlons, open water swim competitions, etc. Currently a project manager in the construction industry and also a managing partner of another construction business venture.
posted on March 27, 2007

Name: Christina A. Holbrook (Gifford)
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: Hi everyone! I have been living in Lexington since graduation. I got married to Monte Holbrook (also from Lex) on 8-13-88. Monte and I have 2 children 1 girl and 1 boy. Our daughter Felicia is going to vet. school down in Curtis Ne. and our son Preston is curently going to Lex as Junior. I work at Tyson for the sales department. My husband works as a ranch hand.
posted on February 26, 2007

Name: Laurie (Hueftle) Haight
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Minden, NE
Comments: I've been married to Darin since 1991. We have 2 girls, Taylor (12) and Amber (8). Darin is a plumber and I'm a bookkeeper at the high school. We recently opened a bar in Minden; blessing and curse. :)
posted on March 20, 2007

Name: Monica Gutierrez/Refior
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Cozad Nebraska
Comments: I now live in Cozad with my boyfriend of 2 years, no plans for marriage-the first one was enough for me. I have two great kids, the oldest, Natasha is 19 and attending Hastings College and my youngest, Nathan is 16 (with a drivers license) and is a sophomore at Lex. I work at Tenneco in Cozad. I have been there for almost 12 years. I think it is time for a change!
posted November 11, 2005

Name: Shane Hernandez
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: Hi, I'm married, have one daughter Abrea age 12 and 2 stepsons Nic 20, and Nate 18. I'm married to Samantha Stone I've worked at Tyson going on 6 years. I love hunting ducks, shooting and collecting guns now, and riding the river with our 4 wheelers. Life is great! My wife works at the Lex. Hospital.
posted on May 12, 2005

Name: Brian Hilkemann
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Kearney, NE
Comments: I am currently living in Kearney and am remarried (Michelle) with 2 sons, Austin, 6 and Evan, 11 months. I work full-time for the Nebraska National Guard which I have been in for almost 18 years. I have recently returned from a year-long deployment to Kuwait (yes it was hot). I graduated from Nebraska-Kearney with a degree in journalism. E-mail if you have a chance. Hobbies include hockey, model trains and going to Las Vegas with Michelle.
posted on July 13, 2005

Name: Laurie Ann Hokom Yocom
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Cozad, NE
Comments: Currently subbing as a Spanish teacher (through February) in Cozad. Ole!  Also supervising a student teacher from Wesleyan.  My husband, Tim, and I have a second grade daughter, Sarah, and a one year old son, Ben.  Traveling is still a passion, although my travels are generally limited to in-state anymore.
updated on January 12, 2007

Name: Dan Jensen
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Omaha
Comments: Stephanie and I have been married since 1994 thanks to the introduction by Jerry Bader and his wife. We have a four year old daughter, Sarah and recently added Sally to our family-a St. Bernard/Black Lab mix puppy. I've worked at Mutual of Omaha for 10 years along with owning my own fence and deck staining business. Stephanie is a RN working at UNMC.  We still enjoy attending stock car races, although we do not make it to as many as we would like to any more. Been to several NASCAR tracks and make it to at least a couple races a year including season tickets to Kansas Speedway. Sarah is now wanting to go as much as we do! I'm amazed how many people know where Lexington is, mainly due to Johnson Lake.
posted on May 23, 2007

Name: Calvin Kroeker
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: I married my wife Molly right after college.  We live in Lincoln and have 2 kids - Sam is seven and Sophie is four.  I work in sales for a local software company.  In between all the kids activities I try and play golf when I can or ride my motorcycle.
posted on January 20, 2007

Name: Galen Lif
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Kansas City
Comments: After struggling through careers of varying success: winter tour guide for the greater Saskatoon metroplex was an obvious poor choice. And failed educational experiences - who knew that Clown College would be so difficult? I decided to do the architect thing. While I haven't gone to the round glasses and bow tie look, I do often dress in black and am currently working diligently on my aloofness skills. I have been married for 10 years, and struggle to keep up with our two year old daughter, who, I am pretty sure is already smarter than me. This is in no way a knock against the fine education we received from the Lexington public school system. Since the chemistry set incident, my hobbies are now limited to (by state mandate) barbecue and saving money to buy a Harley. Neither of which I have any time for. It will be good to see everyone again this summer!
posted on April 19, 2007

Name: Kimberly Weed (Madsen)
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Castle Rock, CO
Comments: I served in the Air Force for six years mostly with NORAD.  Married for 14 years with two daughters-Christina (9) and Samantha (6).  I stay at home to raise our children.
posted on March 23, 2007

Name: Phil Maloley
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Holdrege NE
Comments: Holdrege is the last place I thought I would live but it is good. I have been married to Ashley for 10 years and we have 3 year old Grace. I am a veterinarian but practice very little. I created a "Walmart style" veterinary supply company in 2001 that services every state. Yes, I can get you cheap doggie stuff. We also have a ranch residence in Matador, Texas where I go to unfold myself on a monthly basis. We have a spacious lodge there to entertain customers, family and friends. You are all invited.
posted on May 4, 2007

Name: Gina Martin Schwarz
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Omaha, Ne.
Comments: Russ and I have been in Omaha for 17 years. I currently own and operate a home building business for new construction and remodeling. I also work part-time for ConAgra Foods in their Consumer Affairs-Research and Quality Division. We have 5 children. Jace is 11, Brock and Treyton are 10, and Zane and Carsen are 3. Yes, you read that correctly. They are Schwarz's- so needless to say they are all boys! We do not get to have any hobbies, goals and achievements. I hope you all are doing well!
posted on June 5, 2007

Name: Mary (McLain) Scioscia
E-Mail: padobes @ gmail.com
Class of: 1987
Now Living In: Hamburg, Pennsylvania
Comments: Hello - I moved to the east coast after graduation and settled in Pennsylvania. I'm married with three children Billy (19) Sammi (15) and Joey (11). I teach dog grooming and have two Standard Poodles that I will be competing with, we also have a Doberman and Australian Shepherd. It's great to catch up with classmates and read about everyone.
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Tim McConnell
E-Mail: ghstridr68 @ yahoo.com
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Paxton, NE
Comments: Still working as a Deputy Sheriff following in my Grandfather's footsteps. Still married to my wonderful wife Deborah, a graduate from North Platte. No kids as of yet just 2 onry dogs and a very old cat. Striving each day to help people see that heros still exist.
updated on June 1, 2009

Name: Wendy Millard Whalen
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: I have been in Omaha since graduation. I have two great kids, Drew (4) and Emma (7 mos). Ted and I have been married for 14 yrs., we enjoy hanging out with our kids, golfing and traveling. I have worked at Union Pacific Railroad for the last 9 years.
posted on May 4, 2007

Name: Barbra Miller Cullen
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Kearney
posted on April 8, 2007

Name: Mark Mills
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Pella, Iowa
Comments: I am a mathematics professor here at Central College, and I love it. I have been here seven years already, but it seems like just the blink of an eye. (Prior to that, I was at Iowa State University in Ames completing my Ph.D. in mathematics.) Ann (an RN) and I were married in 2001, and we have a 2 1/2 year-old daughter (Emily) with another child due in late September 2006. With a young child around, we don't have a lot of spare time. However, we have taken up sailing and have a small catamaran on a local lake.
posted on May 30, 2006

Name: Bill Muth
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Battle Creek, Michigan
Comments: My wife Rita and I were married in Omaha in 1995. I practiced law in Omaha for about six years. Decided to change careers in 2001 and now am the Director of Labor Relations for Kellogg's. We have three kids, Molly (age 8), Jake (age 5) & Jenna (age 2). Spend most of my spare time fishing, collecting antique fishing tackle, and going to the kids' activities.
posted on December 2, 2006

Name: Lea Naumann Neil
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Cozad, Ne.
posted on February 22, 2007

Name: Matt Neil
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Cozad, Ne.
posted on February 22, 2007

Name: Teresa (Nelson) Volcheck
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: West Des Moines, IA
Comments: I have been working as an I/T Analyst in Des Moines the past three years. My husband, Jeff, and I have enjoyed living abroad almost four of the last ten years. We lived in the Solomon Islands for two+ years while in the Peace Corps in the 1990s. We more recently lived in Seoul, South Korea for over a year teaching English as Second Language before coming back to Des Moines.
posted on March 2, 2007

Name: Annette (Oertle) Figueiredo
E-Mail: Sfigueiredo325 @ comcast.net
Class of: 1987
Now Living In: Cape Cod, MA
Comments: Loved reading up on everyone and the pictures of the 20th.
posted on February 6, 2009

Name: Cindy (Ohlmann) Vela
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Hemingford, Nebraska
Comments: I'm an LPN and employed at Box Butte General Hospital in Alliance, NE for the past year. Married to Bob for almost 18 years. Have 4 children, Lindsay-18 (about to graduate), Blake-17, Cole-14, & Felicia-12. Keep very busy with long hospital shifts and the kids' sports and other activities.
updated on May 3, 2006

Name: Kathy (Oldfather) Briley
E-mail: kbriley @ spectrumav.com
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Thornton, CO
Comments: My daughter Chynna (now 15) and I moved to Denver in 97. I have been married to Brad for 7 years and we have a 5yr old son (Hunter). I am the AP Mgr/Purchasing Mgr for an Audio Visual Co. as well as moving into sales and handling the company website for the past 8 years. Spare time - not sure what that is anymore - consists of soccer for both kids, guitar lessons for Chynna, baseball for Hunter and "saving the day" - that I was not informed about when I became a mom for whatever crisis is happening. We all enjoy camping - including our two dogs, during the summer, as well as hanging out in our backyard entertaining. We do love our Broncos and try to make it to a couple games a year. Saturday's are reserved for my Huskers though...that was quite the adjustment for Brad as he was not a football guy (go figure) I have converted him though.  Do try to make it a couple times a year to NE to visit family and friends.
posted on January 25, 2007

Name: Craig Peterson
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Bertrand, NE
Comments: I have been married to Donna since 1992. After living a short time in Lincoln and working for UNL we moved to Bertrand in 1996 and have been there ever since. I currently work for Educational Service Unit No. 11 in Holdrege as the Media/Technology Coordinator. I work with schools in the area to integrate Technology into their Curriculum by supporting and trouble shooting the Data and Video Networks. I think it was Jerry Bader who couldn't believe I wasn't in Montana working for the Forestry Service instead of working on Computers. Donna and I have 4 children, 2 of which are with each other. Emily is 21 and about to make us Grandparents and Graduate from College, Matthew is 19 and serving his country in the Army, Payton is 11 and looking at boys already, Brooke is 8 and is content just being dad's little sports buddy.
posted on April 30, 2007

Name: Jimena Marta Puy
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Madrid
Comments: A lot has happened since I left Lexington! Back to Madrid I studied Sociology and did a PhD on Demography. I have lived three years in Germany and another three in Holland. Since June 2006 I am back in Madrid and work for a Headhunter Firm, Kornferry (Fun!). I've never been married but I live with my boyfriend Mike, half English-half Cypriot, a great mix :-)!
posted on February 11, 2007 (note new e-mail address on Apr. 10, 2007)

Name: Mike Rosenthal
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Aiea, HI
Comments: Linda and I have been married for 15 years and have 4 children (Isaac-8, Garrett-6, Kacy-2, and Julianna <1). I've been serving in the Navy as a physical therapist for 16 years. We are now in HI after jobs in California, New York, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, and Texas. Contact us if your visiting the island of Oahu!
posted on July 15, 2007

Name: Jeff Rowan jeff.rowan @ esu10.org
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: Teacher and coach in Lexington Public Schools.
posted on March 22, 2005

Name: shawna marie rust
E-Mail: shawna0075 @ msn.com
Class of: 1987
Now Living In: Cabool, Missouri
Comments: Thought I'd better put some information on here if I ever wanted to be able to get in touch with old school mates and friends. My sister (class of 90? I think) is in touch with so many. I'd love to find out what everyone's been up to...My dad just passed away last summer so it's kind of triggered a need to remember growing up and all that went with it. I don't know if that makes sense...I hope so...
posted on May 26, 2010

Name: Dawn M Smith Andersen
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lincoln Nebraska
Comments: I moved to Lincoln in 1997 and currently work as a practice manager for a general surgeons clinic. I have been married to my husband Scott going on 3 years. I have two wonderful step children Brittney 15 and Sam 11.  No biological children at this time or in the future.  I spend most of my spare time golfing, running with my dog, and trying to get to as many tropical islands as possible. Weekends in the fall are reserved for Husker football as my husband and I do not miss a home game.
posted on February 5, 2007

Name: Dove Smith Weber
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Cozad
Comments: Wow! What fun to read about everyone! I haven't traveled too far from home. (Obviously) I have been married to my husband, Dave, for 13 years tomorrow. We have 3 children together. Ashley 13, Zachary 7, and Jacob 5. I have an 18 year old son, Michael, from my first marriage. Believe it or not, I work at the Dawson County Sheriff's Office as a dispatcher. Have been here for going on 5 years. Hope to be a certified officer soon but we'll see. I also have been a member of the Cozad Fire Department for 3 years. I LOVE IT!! Taking a lot of classes through FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. I don't know what they will get me but I like them. Anyway, my husband works for Paulsen's here in Cozad. Have 3 fish named Nemo, Garfield, and Crook but that's it for pets. Can't wait to see you all this summer! Take care!
posted on March 24, 2007

Name: Regina Snider Howard
Class Of:
Now Living In: Lexington Ne
Comments: After graduating I went to Wayne State College for a short time. Then I moved to Scottsbluff Ne for about 7 years. I moved back to Lexington and have been married to my second husband Craig Howard almost 9 yrs. We have 6 children (ages 20, 18, 16, 16, 11, 5) between the two of us. I've run a daycare in my home for 8 yrs.
posted on June 25, 2007

Name: Monica Strauss
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Cozad
Comments: I have lived and worked, as a pharmacist, in Cozad for 11 years. I purchased the pharmacy where I worked, now renamed Village Apothecary, in May of 2001. Day  to day operations, at the store, can be hectic but it affords me the opportunity to travel on gift buying trips (gotta love those!). I also love being able to spend time with family and friends and vow to be at the lake as much as possible, when not partaking in local festivities like Wurst Tag, Bands Brews and BBQ's and Comstock Rock. Hard to believe 20 years has flown by so quickly!
posted on May 4, 2007

Name: John Streit
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Castle Rock, CO
Comments: Hi! I've been married to my wife Crystal for 15 years. We have three great kids, Chelsea 14, Cody 12, and Levi 10. I am currently in the process of changing careers and have one more year of college left before graduating as a respiratory therapist in 2006. Prior to that I was farming in Lex, but made the move to the Denver area for Crystal's job where she is an administrator for the University of Denver. We miss the people in Lex, but love our new life here!! 
posted on May 24, 2005

Name: Nick Volenec
E-Mail: nickvo1 @ comcast.net
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Bellingham, WA
Comments: I miss the Midwest style - hard to find a guy to love out here...Call me
updated on May 26, 2007

Name: Brent Wellmann
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: 4 kids, Shad and Shaley 12, Shania 11, and Kamden 4. We are still in Lexington.
posted on June 17, 2007

Name: Rochelle (White) Zebell
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Missouri
posted on February 22, 2007

Name: Dave Zauha
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Omaha, Nebraska
Comments: Married 3 years in September to Darcie. We have one son Jacob (2 in Oct) and one due in late September. I also have a daughter Alecia who is 7 and will be a second grader at Pershing this fall. I am the administrator, (ie chief, cook and bottle washer) for an 8 man orthopedic surgeon group here. I have been in Omaha a little over 3 years after divorcing and deciding to try the business world after farming for 9.
posted on July 12, 2005

Name: Stuart Zetterman
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Lincoln
Comments: This is an update....
After a 14 years as the HR Manager for a Japanese Manufacturer here in Lincoln, I became the HR Director for TELCOR, a medical informatics company. I've been here nearly five years and the best part is I get to work with Calvin everyday! We are always looking for qualified candidates if any of you have a medical or technology background. Kim and I are still happily married and we'll celebrate 19 years in November. We have two boys...Colton is 16 and will be a junior at Lincoln Southwest. He's on the dive team, the trap shooting team, and he also plays percussion in the band. Shea is 12 and going into 7th grade. He plays on traveling baseball and basketball teams, both of which seem to take up most of my time. I hardly get to hunt, fish or golf anymore! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in August!
updated on July 7, 2012

Name: Joyce Zimmerman Racicky
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Mason City, NE
Comments: Hello everyone, Greg and I have been married 10 years now.  We have 4 beautiful kids with lots of energy. Seth is 7, Blake is 5, Chase is 3, and our precious girl is 1. We have a small dairy, Elk-Creek Dairy, that some people say is in the "boonies". We milk 140 cows on our farm of registered Holsteins. This might not be a glamorous job, but it is something we are passionate about and love doing. We will be at our State Holstein Show during the alumni activities. We are making plans to build a new house in the upcoming year. We still love to go dancing, and enjoy raising our children on the farm. Each day brings something new, and we try not to take our health and happiness for granted.
posted on June 5, 2007

Name: Margery (Zimmerman) Fox
Class Of: 1987
Now Living In: Denver, Colorado
Comments: I have been in the Denver Colorado area since 1988. My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years. We have one son, Zachary, who is 5. I am a Quality Assurance Engineer with an online education company. I wouldn't say it is my calling but I do enjoy it! I'm an avid equestrian, snowboarder, cyclist, and hiker. As long as I am outside, I'm enjoying myself and it appears to be rubbing off on my son.  He loves to hike and will begin skiing next season. I also work with equine rescue organizations as time allows me. I usually get back to Lexington a few times a year to visit family and spend time on their farm.
posted on February 3, 2006

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