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Class of 1951

Name: Don Hennek
Class Of: 1951
Now Living In: Lexington, Ne. 68850
updated on March 20, 2007

Name: Jane Stewart Beisner King
Class Of: 1951
Now Living In: Irvine, CA
posted on October 3, 2005

Name: Nora Jane Brown Madsen
Class Of: 1951
Now Living In: Lexington, SC
updated on March 20, 2007

Name: Rose Marie Hibberd Jelden
Class Of: 1951
Now Living In: Greeley, Colorado
Comments: I returned to college to complete my BA in El. Ed. and graduated in 1989. I started substitute teaching in '92 and am still substituting and enjoying it! Dave and I have 3 sons -- a soil scientist, a family practice doctor, and a firefighter. Five grandchildren keep us busy/entertained. The oldest 3 are involved in sports which we follow religiously, and the 2 youngest are adopted granddaughters from China.
posted on March 20, 2007

Name: Charles Margritz
Class Of: 1951
Now Living In: Lexington, Nebraska
Comments: Ive been happily married for 45 years to Julene Choquette Margritz. We have 4 children and 14 grandchildren. I am still trying to farm.
posted on January 29, 2006

Name: Peggy J. Reynolds Meyer Gleason
Class Of: 1951
Now Living In: Omaha Nebraska
Comments: Hi my name is Peggy Reynolds Meyer Gleason and I graduated in 1951 from LHS on mainstreet. I have been single for many years, at the ripe old age of 74. I have 6 children and 14 grandchildren and one great grand child. I spend my time drawing intricate designs and cutting them in paper, thus I am a "Papercutter". I also cut silhouettes from photos. I have been doing this for many years. Very, very gratifying.
     Some of my work is displayed online at "papercutters.info". My biography and my gallery is displayed there with my picture to the top right side as a "featured artist". I belong to the "Guild of American Papercutters" and have accrued several credits for my work in recent years.
     I have a cutting in a traveling Papercutting Exhibit that started in Nanjing China, Bejing, Huohata, Mongolia, Austria, Paris, and the last display will be in Frankfurt, Germany. The Exhibit will then be taken back to Nanjing University and be displayed permanently.
     This is truly a gift from GOD. Sometimes I wish I had eight hands - ha!
My next goal is to compile a second book of advanced papercuttings called "Cross My Heart". I have about 35 or more full page cuttings that I've done with "Crosses within Hearts" and no two are alike.
I play plenty of games on my computer and love it.
I also have a burning question: Does anyone know anything about Dorothy Bacon (maiden name). I do not know who she married and don't remember what year she graduated. My guess is 1952 or 53.
     Thanks for a wonderful site and the wonderful memories that come to mind when I read through everything is so much fun. It's awesome! I'll be back!
posted on August 26, 2007

Name: Don D. White
Class Of: 1951
Now Living In: Missouri
Comments: Kay and I moved to Missouri in August of 2005. We purchused a home on the Lake of the Ozarks and really enjoy it down here. Lots of timber and water. Weather is better here too. Lots of good fishing. We have 7 Children and 17 Grand Children and 8 Great Grand Children. We are happy with our move!!!!
posted on February 5, 2007

Memorials for the Class of 1951 - Please contact webmaster with obituary information of deceased classmates. Thanks.

Class of 1951 45th Class Reunion Photo provided by Rosie Hibberd Jelden.

Class of 1951 50th Class Reunion Photo provided by Jane Stewart King. Thanks Jane!

Class of 1951 55th Class Reunion Photo and recap of reunion activities provided by Rosie Hibberd Jelden.

2008 Mini Class Reunion held May 23 & 24, 2008 at Kirk's Nebraskaland Restaurant. Thanks again to Rosie Hibberd Jelden for sharing her photos.

2016 Mini Class Reunion


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Thanks to Peggy (Reynolds) Gleason for scanning the cover of the 1951 yearbook.

Class of 1951

David Alkire
Harold Anders
Burton Anderson
Janet Anderson
James Aten
Mary Lou Beardslee
Jerry Brandorff
Nora Brown
Paul Casper
Dean Commins
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Veronica Fagot
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Don Hennek
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