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Name: Kendra Anderson Carnes
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: My husband and I have just moved back to Nebraska, after living in Phoenix for 7 years. We have 2 children, and are enjoying being near family and friends.
updated on April 17, 2008

Name: Keffenie Beyl
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Los Angeles, CA
Comments: After graduating from college at ORU I moved to L.A. I'm currently working for the Community Development Commission for the County of L.A. and hang out with inner city kids in East L.A. who have become like family to me and would possibly like to start a non-profit after school program for them someday. Other than that, I'm loving the city and all it has to offer - the weather, salsa dancing, and all the variety of cultures that are here! By the way - does anyone know when our 10 year class reunion is? I think I may actually be in Nebraska in May and was wondering the date of it.
posted on November 8, 2005

Name: Jada (Bliven) Karimjee
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Omaha
Comments: We just recently moved back to Nebraska after being in Eau Claire, WI for 2 years. My husband Corey and I are enjoying our 4 month old daughter Aliah. My husband has an Endodontics practice here and I currently stay at home and love it!
posted on April 4, 2006

Name: Melanie (Bonini) Lutt
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Wellington, Colorado
Comments: I have been married for 5 years to Tate Lutt from Kearney, Ne. We have 1 daughter Rilynn who is 2 years old. I worked for an orthopedic surgeon as his nurse/assistant for 3 years until I had my daughter. Now I stay at home and run a daycare out of my house. To get out of the house once in awhile I serve beer at the local hockey arena, I love this job!!! We currently live in Wellington, Colorado and are just a hop skip and a jump from any mountain activity that you would want to do. You are welcome anytime.
posted on March 21, 2006

Name: Andrea (Brown) Riley
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: I just moved to Lincoln 2 days ago with my husband Bronson. We spent the last 2 years in Cleveland and are glad to be back in the Good Life! I have been married for 3 years, no kids, and am a pediatric RN. Bronson will be starting soon as a cancer genetic counselor. We are planning to attend the reunion so I hope to see you all there!
posted on June 9, 2006

Name: Valerie Brown Jones
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Chicago, IL
Comments: After graduating from Northwestern, I moved to San Francisco to do advertising stuff, and then on to Chicago a few years later. Met a cute law student, started working on a master's degree, married said lawyer, got said degree, and we're moving to Lincoln! Looking forward to possibly staying put for awhile.
posted on June 12, 2006

Name: Blane Buckley
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Lincoln
Comments: I have been living in Lincoln for the past 5 years and currently work at State Farm in the auto underwriting department. After spending a little over a year in Iraq/Kuwait, I have been enjoying my freedom. I am not married, but did come close once. Lucky me, I guess. I'm pretty sure that I have no kids. My dream is to one day let you all know if I accomplished my goals.
posted on June 21, 2006

Name: Cassi (Burmood) Mossburgh
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: My husband William and I have been married for seven years now. We have two beautiful little girls. Nayleigh is three and Makenna is one. I have been working in Boys Town, NE as a Relations Specialists for over three years now. Really enjoy being a mommy and enjoy supporting all the Girls and Boys Town kids.
posted on March 10, 2006

Name: Matthew Edward Clements
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: North Carolina
Comments: I'm married with one son, his name is Sam (14 months old), and my wife's name is Sarah. I'm currently in the military, and we enjoy spending time at the beach or just being lazy.
posted on March 26, 2005

Name: Corey DeLap
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Lubbock, Texas
Comments: I am currently living in Texas. I've been here for just about 6 months now. I previously lived in St. Louis for 4 1/2 years. I was married in September 04 to Jessica and we moved down to Lubbock after she took a job transfer.
posted on March 30, 2005

Name: Tina (Ferguson) Stauffer
E-Mail: stauffer1 @ windstream.net
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Wahoo, NE
Comments: I married Dan in 1996. We have four children: Riley (9), Mariah (5), Jaden (3), and Brooklyn (8 months). We live in Franklin NE where my husband is a Nursing Home Administrator. We will be moving to Kearney in the next few months. I am a stay at home mom for now and love it!
updated on May 30, 2009

Name: Danielle Grayek- Huff
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Gering, Nebraska
Comments: Hello to all! I married Sterling Huff in April 2004, and we just recently had a daughter, Teyla Cheyenne, on September 19th 2005. I graduated from UNK in 2001 and taught K-12 music in Harrisburg until becoming a full-time mom with the birth of our daughter. My husband is an attorney in Scottsbluff and is a partner at Island, Huff, and Nichols. We currently live in the Wildcat Hills south of Gering.
posted on November 14, 2005

Name: Kim (Hagan) Cooper
E-Mail: kamikaze_77 @ hotmail.com
Class of: 1996
Now Living In: Paragould, Arkansas
Comments: I moved to Arkansas a couple of years before graduation....but I went to school in Lex for 11 years. I actually found this site while writing a paper for a class about my hometown! I still live in Arkansas, am married with 2 daughters, 6 and 8 years old. I am currently enrolled at Arkansas State University and will graduate in 2011 with my Social Science degree. It's good to see how everyone is doing...hopefully I will get to see some of you wen I visit my family in Nebraska!!!
posted on August 2, 2009

Name: Heidi (Hardee) Braden
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Sidney, NE 69162
Comments: Married to James Braden in January 2000. Went to UNK , have a BS degree in organizational communications. I also graduated from Joseph's College of Beauty. We have a daughter, Jaiya Elise, born September 18, 2004. I worked at JC Penney Salon and Strandz in Kearney. I am now a stay-at-home mom.
posted on September 12, 2005

Name: Kevin Jamros
E-mail: kjamros @ gmail.com
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Peoria, Arizona
Comments: I have been living in Peoria Arizona for the last 5 years with my wife Amanda and our daughter Abigail who was born October of 2007. I started my own concrete coating company a couple of years ago and I am loving it.
updated on March 29, 2008

Name: Jerry Kincheloe
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Lexington, Yes Still!!!!!
Comments: I am currently an adult film star, just joking I work for Union Pacific in North Platte I still live in Lex - Yes, I'm the only guy left here, I long for the relief that death will bring. Keenon is 10 now and is the best thing in my life. Looking forward to seeing you all in June.
posted on June 7, 2006

Name: Brad Kjar
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Central City, NE
Comments: I'm the PE teacher and head football coach at Central City high school. I'll be taking over as Activities Director next year. I've been here for 2 years now and have been married to Heidi for slightly over a year.
posted on March 28, 2005

Name: Laura Lauby
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Hastings, Ne
Comments: I have been in Hastings for 2 1/2 years now. I have an 8 year old son Adam. He is my life. We're always busy doing something. We're very involved with our church. I'm in a women's bible study while Adam is in Awanas. I currently work at Johnson Cashway Lumber. I do plan on going back to school this spring to get my bachelors in business. Life is good and God is great! Hope to see you all at our next reunion.
posted on September 8, 2006

Name: Shaun Lux
E-Mail: slux @ precisionind.com
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Lexington, Nebraska
Comments: My wife and I bought a House in Lexington unfortunately. Still working for Precision Industries as a CSR. I have joined the 1 million dollar sales a year group with Precision. My wife is the new SSAS officer with the Probation system in Dawson County. My Oldest boy is in 2nd grade, My daughter is in preschool and my youngest boy is turning 3 in Feb.
updated on December 5, 2007

Name: Matthew Maas
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Minnesota
Comments: I live in Minneapolis with my wife, Julie. We rejoice in the gift of our daughter, Tovah, born September 2004. I taught middle school and now direct youth and family ministries at a church in South Mpls.

Name: Brian Margritz
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Omaha, Nebraska
Comments: I am an elementary music teacher in Papillion LaVista Public Schoos, and have for the past four years. I am going to be the Papillion LaVista Education Association President next year, as well as am a Lancome Cosmetics Beauty Advisor.  As of now, I am not coupled up, nor do I have kids, not counting the 425 kids that I see every day. I hit the gym every day if I can, so that is a huge change for me since high school!
posted on March 31, 2005

Name: Andrea (Martin) Teichmeier
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Kearney, NE
Comments: I graduated from UNK with a double major in Criminal Justice and Business Administration. I have started my MBA but with a little one it has been a little difficult to take classes. I currently living in Kearney with my husband Allen and my 15 month old son Alex. I work for Kearney Federal Credit Union as their Senior Owner Service Rep. 
updated on October 26, 2007

Name: Tim McCarty
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: I've been in Lincoln the past 5 years, adjust claims for State Farm, and do some legal work on the side. Anissa and I have been married for 3 years, no kids yet. Zach Broshears and I are 2/3 of the band ShyAway. We're releasing our new EP soon. I get back to Lex several times a year but generally see about 5 people I recognize-- I THINK I lived there once? Looking forward to seeing you this summer.
posted on January 13, 2006

Name: Anne (McGee) Parker
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: My husband George and I are enjoying our 2 year old little boy, Thomas. After graduating from NE Wesleyan I worked as an elementary music specialist with Millard Public Schools. This summer I finished my Master's in Music Ed at UNL. Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom...nothing greater...and George teaches band in Bellevue. Looking forward to our spring reunion!!
posted on November 30, 2005

Name: Curt Metzger
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: Still living in Lexington. Hoping to publish my first novel early next year.
posted on June 24, 2006

Name: Josh Reynolds
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Hastings, NE
Comments: I currently live in Hastings, NE. I am married to wife, Katie and have an 18 month old daughter, Hannah. In July of 2004 I went on staff with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as the Area Director for Central/Northeast Nebraska.
posted on March 28, 2005

Name: Laura (Rikli) Longo
E-mail: laura.m.longo @ hotmail.com
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: I am working at Bank of the West in Omaha as a Home Mortgage Consultant. I have been married to my husband Steve for two years and we recently had our first son, William. I enjoy the balancing act between the career life and being a mommy - there is never a dull moment! We love coming back to Lex in the summer and relaxing at our cabin out at the lake.
posted on February 7, 2006

Name: Dennis Seberger
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Hawaii Kai, HI
Comments: I am married to Melinda (Liddell) Seberger from VA and we have a son, Julian, born this year. I am a Marine Officer and CH-53D pilot and am stationed in Hawaii but I am currently deployed to Al Asad, Iraq.
posted on November 22, 2006

Name: Dustin Smith
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Lincoln
Comments: I have my own tool box!!
posted on May 3, 2006

Name: Angela Beard (Snell)
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Nashville, TN
Comments: I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and I work at a non-profit clinic serving the uninsured and the Hispanic community. I am married to a wonderful man, Joseph, and have a son, Levi, who was born in 2005. I enjoy spending time with my family, playing with my two dogs, scrap booking, cooking, and watching Nashville Predator's hockey.
posted on April 23, 2006

Name: Kimberly Thornburg
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Dallas, Texas
Comments: I received a Paralegal and an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University. I've been a Paralegal with the District Attorney's Office for 4 years now, and was recently promoted to administrative manager over the Family Violence Unit. Most of my work pertains to protective orders for battered women (and some men believe it or not!) There's really not much in Family Violence that I haven't seen or heard, but it makes my days very interesting to say the least. I've been dating a cop for the last three years of my stint in Texas, and have spent a lot of time with my mom's side of the family, and my brother lives down here as well. I am definitely one of those people that can say although I wasn't born in Texas, I got here as soon as I could. I absolutely love it down here!
posted on December 27, 2005

Name: Roger Urban
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Denver, Co.
Comments: I have been living in Denver, Co. for 4 years. I am currently a Pharmaceutical Buyer for WellDyneRx. I am also earning a graduate degree with a Master's of Science in Community Counseling. I am currently doing my internship with Teaching Humane Existence counseling Sex Offenders. I am set to graduate with my Master's in December 2006. No wife, no kids, no time yet.
posted on April 26, 2006

Name: Danielle Wemhoff
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: I am currently living in Omaha. I teach 8th grade special education in Elkhorn. I am also the JV volleyball coach and will hopefully get back into coaching middle school basketball next year. I've found coaching volleyball to be my passion. We've won state in '02, '04, and we were runner-up in '05. I still play v-ball competitively and my team will be playing at the Women's National Tournament this June in New Orleans. Wish us luck!! Who knows?? I might end up being a national champion! =)
posted on March 21, 2006

Name: Christina (Wood) Wagener
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: I have been married for four years now to my wonderful husband, Brad! We have a beautiful 3 year old daughter, Hailey Jo! I went to California for 2 years with the AmeriCorps *NCCC program, traveled all over the west coast, Hawaii, and Alaska! I came back home and continued to work on my Grandpa's farm. I started with the bank 5 years ago and I am now a branch supervisor at the TierOne West Auto Bank in Lexington. But being a mommie is still my #1 job!
posted on September 21, 2005

Name: Paul Zerr
Class Of: 1996
Now Living In: Sumner, NE
Comments: I married Mandy Schilling in 2000, no kids yet. I live in Sumner, work in Kearney. I go to UNK as the army permits. I am in the army reserve and have been mobilized twice. Once to Ft Riley then to Kuwait. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and still have my old truck and Oldsmobile from high school.
posted on March 18, 2006


10-Year Class Reunion Photo - Group photo taken in the park. Do you recognize any of these mugs?

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