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Today is

Class of '76 spurs gate restoration at

Photo Gallery below. Click into a picture to see larger image. More photos will be added as project continues.
Well Done Class of '76!

LMS Field Gate Before


1976 Class Members cleaning bricks


More classmates working at LMS Field Gate


LMS Gate Ready To Repair


Middle School Field

Spring 2006 - Lexington Clipper-Herald
A cooperative agreement between the Lexington Public Schools and alumni from the LHS Class of 1976 was approved earlier this spring by the Lexington School Board to initiate and complete a restoration project for the gates at the Middle School Field, the district's historic football field and track.
     The district agreed to contribute $2,581 toward the project, with the class contributing labor for demolition of the existing gates and cleaning of bricks for reconstruction. The estimated value of the work is $760. In addition, the alumni will cover the cost of a commemorative stone (about $485) noting their contribution to the project.
     The gates were originally erected by the Class of 1925. Over the years the mortar has begun to chip away and bricks are falling out and the gateposts are threatening to collapse. Class of 1976 representative Bill Fellers had appeared before the school board several months ago about the project, which his class wanted to complete prior to observance of their 30th class reunion in June.
     Other class members present Tuesday night included Jan Kloepping of Cozad, Chris Mueller of Lexington and Steve Hampton of Overton. Kloepping noted they have received a number of donations already in response to letters sent out with the LHS Alumni Banquet notice.
     After approving the agreement, board member Ray Ehlers asked if another marker could be erected highlighting the field's historic nature. "It was the high school football field and track for many, many years. A lot of people don't know that the Middle School was the high school and some type of marker would be in order. I think this needs to be done," he concluded.
     The Class of '76 agreed to work with Ehlers on obtaining the dates the field was used for athletics and install an appropriate marker.
     The last week of May the refurbishing project was completed with installation of the commemorative stone and the iron gates and accompanying marker are expected to be in place soon.

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